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ArtFacade » 69+ Exterior House Colors Combinations & Best Paint Color Ideas

69+ Exterior House Colors Combinations & Best Paint Color Ideas

Unique color combinations for houses – only in our photo gallery! We suggest familiarizing ourselves with the various variants which are actual today for furnishing of apartment high-rise buildings, private houses, public buildings, and the most different constructions.

Wall Painting Paint Colors Exterior Paint Colors Exterior Paint House Paint Colors House Painting Exterior House Colors Exterior House Paint House Colour Outdoor Paint

In this short review, we will talk, about the compatibility of colors – what colors to choose for the house, so that it looks aesthetically attractive and harmonious. Here are some general tips that will help you choose the best paint option for your home:

If you do not know which color solution to give preference, just combine toe two colors, different from each other with one or two shades on the color wheel. If the house consists of elements of cold texture (for example, slate or concrete), then the most successful option will be some very bright color – for example, orange. Monophonic facades are best diluted with white pediments or with an expression color.

Best Outdoor House Paint Colors Ideas

Interesting architectural forms (socles, bay windows, canopies) are best highlighted with bright colors on the background of a monophonic facade. And now let’s move on to more concrete recommendations for painting the facade of the house.

Home Outdoor Paint Colour Schemes

One of the most fashionable colors of the past and this season is sage. Sage coloring perfectly combines both with dark monme colors and with brighter colors – for example, with red or blue Navy.

Outdoor House Paint Color Ideas


The color of the facade of a house with a gray roof is best performed in monochrome versions or to trust the long-proven white. Some elements can be distinguished by different shades of the same color.

The color of the facade of the house with a brown roof should be chosen in the same earthy shade. The ideal option will be dark gray, which is very popular this season. Not bad look on the background of a brown roof with beige shades.with

Outside House Paint Colors

The color of the facade of a house with a red roof is best done with classic white. This original combination allows you to make the house on one side bright and contrast, on the other hand very harmonious. Fashionable colors of the facades of houses this season – olive, turquoise, yellow, and even bla, CK. All of them have their interesting features of compatibility, mainly with white, gray, and brown hues. Sand sometimes there are original houses, where several bright colors are used in the facade coloration. Such colorful buildings look very fun.

Exterior House Colours Ideas With Brown Roof

It is not for nothing that it is considered that a private house, like a person, should be beautiful not only inside, but also outside. Thus, a harmonious color solution and properly selected materials have a big weight in how the building will be perceived. The correct choice of the color solution for both the facade and the roof determines the overall look of the house as a whole, making it more cozy and welcoming or reliable and unassailable for others.

According to the technological features of the construction process the facade I,s finished immediately after the completion of the work on the construction of the roof. The roof will serve its owners for many years, but the facades can be changed every 5-7 years.

It should also be taken into account that the color palette of colors in which materials for facades of private houses are presented market in a rather rich assortment, while for roofing materials this diversity is not so great. Thus, we see that first, you need to, choose the material for the roof and its color solution. What will be the color of the facade of the house with a brown roof? Finally, to determine determiningssfully choose a combination of colors for the exterior decoration of the house is quite a difficult task. The final result is influenced by many factors: the compatibility of color shades, the location of the house or the featu, and the res of architectural solutions.

Best color combination for house exterior with brown roof

Today, we finally decide how to choose the right color for the facade of a house with a brown roof, considering all possible options. By itself, the brown color is a symbol of stability, loyalty, and reliability, In psychology, it is considered a color of comfort and safety. This color is often used in the design of interiors, making them more solid, and also has to create a home.

Roofs made in brown color are found most often, whether it is a large mansion or a small family house by the lake. In the process of construction, the question often arises – what color should the house be painted if the roof is brown?

Fresh House outside color combination with brown roof

It is amazing how the combination of colors for painting the facade of the house in this case is represented by a large number of variations.

The ideal addition to brown is primarily the pastel colors, creating a softer and more casual appearance. More interesting combinations will be blue and turquoise, which will bring a sense of brightness and freshness to the overall picture of the house. Soft pink colThe softs are suitable for lovers of gentle color combinations.

New exterior paint ideas for house with brown roof

Asking the question “In which color should I paint the facade of the house?”, is important to dwell on one single color solution, because the facets themselves are a lot of components that can be decorated differently.

So, for example, on various piano combinations of colors of the facade of the house, we see that white steps and window frames will be combined in a harmonioharmoniouslywn roof. Classic black and white colors are also a good solution but do not buy them.

House Paint Outside With Green Roofs

The roof of the house is not only a means that protects from bad weather but also an important element of the decor of the entire building and even the whole residential area. To ensure that the roof of the house is ideally combined with the design of the facade, you must carefully choose the main color palette and correctly combine all the variations of colors, as well as their shades. But first of all, to morally appearance of the house harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape, colors should be chosen based on where the building is located – whether it is forest, mountains, or the sea shore.

To make the finished result pleasantly impressive after the construction, it is necessary to prepare a plan in advance, which will be considered, what combination of colors for painting the facade of the house and the roof will be the most successful.

Cool exterior wall paint color combination for a house with a green roof

Of course, the owner himself decides, to think it over mentally, then transferring transfer the paper, or seek help from specialists in this business who will professionally select both the material for the trickery and a harmonious combination of colors. In addition, modern technology can also create a digital model of the future home, which will easily match the color of the facade of the house and the roof.

In what color should I paint the facade of the house with a green roof? Green is a fairly common color option for blood. For each person at a subconscious level, this color indicates the desire for development and harmony in nature. The color symsymbolizeslor of green grass, which begins to please us after a long, cold, and colorless,s winter.

Best exterior house paint colors for house with green roof

The green color of the roof of the house gives more freedom of choice because this color is quite easy to combine. Of course, there are exceptions. The least successful combinations will be green and dark blue or turquoise hues, it is also not necessary to decorate the facade in one tone with the roof.

People who appreciate originality can easily choose bright colors, right up to red.

In most cases, the facade uses colors that are related to nature – yellow, brown, and pastel. These color solutions perfectly complement each other. So, for example, a house with yellow walls, which is complemented by windows and doors with dark colors, looks particularly cozy and presentable.

Unique house painting images outside for house with green roof

In the photo, the combination of colors of the facade of the house looks quite diverse. However, we see that most often there are facades of white and gray colors. White is absolutely nean be combined with all colors.

Gray – this is a great background for the brighter elements of the building. Both these colors in combination with the green roof are a pretty harmonious option.

Often the question arises: “What color of the roof should I choose for a wooden house?”. But here everything is simple. In itself, natural wood has an attractive pastel shade, which can be safely combined with almost all colors, including green. If, however, in the selection of the color palette, still there are difficulties, you can use the color selection of the roof and the walls of the house online.

Exterior Paint For House With Red Roof

The process of building a house is surely completed by the stage of covering the roof and decorating the facade. It is at this stage that it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to crefforte the right color combination of the key elements of the exterior, because only in this way will the building have an aesthetic and attractive appearance. Doing it properly will be quite difficult even for those who have a refined tas. Often in this situation, the owners of the house turn to professional designers for help. But what are the experts guided by, creating color variations for the decoration of the house?

The color solution for the exterior design of the building is a much more significant factor than we would imagine. Correctly using those or other colors, you can quietly hide some of the architectural defects of the house, as well as highlight its advantages.

Beautiful house paint color ideas for house with red roof

You can also change the visual perception of the shape or affect the degree of natural light, which is a particularly important factor during construction in latitudes where the climate is not moderate. As we have already understood, choosing the color of the facade of the house will not be easy, but a large assortment of modern building materials will create even the most interesting color solution. You can easily use the ready photo combination of colors of the facade of the house or choose the color of the facade of the house online, but to think about this problem yourself or with the participation of a specialist will become much more Cora rect decision.

There are three standard ways of selecting a color combination for the facade and roof. In the first, the color of the walls of the facade merges with the color solution of the roof. This option is not the most correct, but sometimes occult urs in exteriors.

Gorgeous outside paint colors for house with red roof

The second option is classic. It is a combination of a light façade and a dark roof. This option is one of the most acceptable. And, finally, the third option is a combination of a dark facade and a light roof. This choice will be the most original of the presented.

So, in what color should I paint the facade of the house with the red roof? According to psychologists, the red color in the design of both the interior and exterior is capable of actively boosting vitality, and improving theand level of brain activity and performance.

Harmonious exterior wall paint ideas for house with red roof

The only thing that should be remembered: it should not be predominant, but serve as an addition to more calm shades.

So, the red roof will ideally be combined with pastel colors, which will make the appearance of the house harmonious. This option is also suitable in the event of the question “What color roof to choose for a wooden house?”. The natural wood itself has pleasant and soft colors, which means it can balance the red color of the roof.

Although there are a lot of combinations of colors for painting the facade of the house, it should not be forgotten that the choice of the color for the facade depends primarily on the architectural style in which the building was built. The most common such styles are ethnic, classical, gothic, alpine and many other, ers.

Exterior Paint Colors For Houses With Gray Roof

For those who are especially important that their house was made in an ideal styling, it is imperative to think about how to professionally choose a combination of colors for painting the facade of the house. Anyway, the choice of the appropriate colors depends on the owners themselves: someone, for example, needs to hide the building of the house among the surrounding trees, and someone, on the contrary, seeks to highlight it, emphasizing the individual.

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the color solution of the roof is chosen, focusing mainly on the facade of the house. A classic and rather popular rather one is the combination of a dark roof with light walls.

However, this option is only one of many. It is worth remembering a certain set of rules that must be adhered to for the excellent visual effect that the building will acquire. Firstly, the color of the roof should be correctly approached to other elements of the building. Secondly, it must necessarily be in harmony with the terrain. And, finally, the color of the roof should be combined with the architectural concept of the building as a whole.

Fresh building colors outside for houses with gray roof

How to choose the color of the facade of a house with a gray roof? How many colors will be perceived together can be influenced by many factors, such as lighting and texture of materials? That is why before buying raw materials for the entire facade, you should make a test on a piece of the wall.

Pick the color of the facade of the house will be easy if you know the characteristics of each color solution. Actively using gray-causing interior solutions has turned into a special fashion novelty. For a time it was thought that such a color was too gloomy and unworthy to be the main one.

Unique exterior house color schemes for houses with gray roof

However, grain perfectly complements any interior, softening the effect of other colors in a necessarnecessarilyafely assumed that such a color can be both basic and compatible with others.

Of course, you can use the ready photo combination of colors of the facade of the house, but it will be more interesting to solve this issue on your own. Thinking over what color to paint the facade of a house with a gray roof, we must not forget that similar shades perfectly complement each other.

New outside wall color for houses with gray roof

The classic look of the façade will give the use of natural colors. The fashionable colors of the facades of houses are also represented by pastel colors, the use of which carries fewer risks than thfewerhe more intensive ones, because dark colors often become important, rather than more neutral ones.

If you suddenly have doubts, whabouthe t at the color of the lutiochoicehoose for a large surface of the facade among related flowers, you should choose the one that will become the least bright. In the photo, the colors of the facades of the houses show that it’s safe to create darker and more daring colors on small surfaces or combine thecombineght tones.

It is necessary to remember that by using various combinations of colors for painting the facade of the house, you thereby make it more diverse and add some originality. In this case, the right decision will be limited to a few colors, since the use of many colors can create a negative feeling.

Pistachio Painted House Ideas

The lining of the facades of the house is due to a variety of materials, giving the building a more natural and refined color. Whether it’s stone, wood, brick, or plaster -, all these materials or their combinations can change the appearance of the whole building beyond recognition. To choose the color of the facade of the house, it is necessary to take into account a whole range of factors, such as climate, territorial location, technical features, the purpose of the e building, dimensions, type of finishing materials, structural elements and so on.

I,t is important to remember that the right combination of shades helps to create high-quality architectural ensembles that are impressive in their being.

Aboriginal question: in what color should the facade of the house be painted? Choosing a color solution for the facade, you need to follow a few simple rules. First, lighter tones are preferable to bright and saturated analogs. Seanalogshades that have come from the same color are perfectly combined with each OTA classic view of the building, you must choose natural colors. Thus, a correct coma-bined color palette will give the house a special individuality and originality.

Pistachio exterior wall paint colors

If yocolorsclosely at the photo, the combination of the color of the facade of the house can be done in great variation. So, for painting walls often use warm colors, among which are brown, red, and orange.

A combination of white and gray shades is popular. It is important to remember that using such colors is necessary for limited quantities because abuse can make the appearance of the house insipid.

Pistachio exterior paint design

The appearance of the house should be attractive and accurate, and bright color solutions specifically distinguish the structure from the landscape and visually add to the size of the building itself. The white color of the facade can be easily combined with othexcitinging shades.

Among the fashionable colors of the facades of houses is a green one, which is perfectly combined with the environment. It is often used for finishing the facades of large mansions or country cottages. In addition, modern archive lecture allows the use of violet and even black color solutions.

Pistachio house outer color

An interesting choice for the decoration of the facade is certainly the now popular pistachio color. Being bright and at the same time refreshing, pistachio clothes or the facade of the house color will help to fill the soul with joy and will certainly cheer up. The energy and lightness that the pistachio color possesses will not leave you indifferent, which is why it will look great on the facade of the building.

If you look at the Internet photo of the color of the facades of the houses, you can understand that a good choice for decoration will also be terracotta, which is modern and at the same time awakens a sense of calmness. Such design can be made both from bright shades and softer ones.

Pistachio home exterior paint ideas

It is important to remember that the peculiarities of the building itself are determined by the combination of colors because a correctly chosen color palette can spoil all the charm of the architecture. It is necessary to take into account the texture of materials and the size of individual parts of the facade. A smooth texture can increase the brightness, the rough texture will certainly soften the colors. Picking up the color scheme for the facade, you need to take care also to properly select all of its elements – doors, roof, windows.

Transformation Thanks To Colour of House Painting

It’s no secret that the beautiful facade of the building is the visiting card of the house. Today, one of the most popular and convenient options for upgrading its appearance is painting the facade with the help of paints. Thus, painting the house from the outside will significantly improve the appearance of the building, and not only revitalize the nondescript walls. In addition, modern facade paints have proven themselves as materials that are fairly resistant to the effects of the atmosphere. Experts advise painting the façade in a certain sequence with observance of all preparatory measures. This process does not require special skills and skills, so you can do everything yourself.

Painting a house is usually done in several stages:

  • First assesses the condition of the walls, which must be painted. The methods of their preliminary preparation are determined. various detachments, dust are removed, the surfaces are leveled;
  • Priming of walls. With the help of a special impregnation, the surface of the walls is degreased, and they are immediately applied with a primer for the facade paint;
  • fencing and pasting with paint tape all constructions, which should not get painted;
  • Selectpaintedf the necessary materials and painting. To paint the house from the outside was high quality, the facade paint should be applied in 2 layers, and the first layer on one surface of the wall should be performed during the day without long breaks because the rapid drying of the wall can lead to a visible boundary between the application of the paint. After the first layer has completely dried, the second layer is applied.

Changes thanks to exterior wall colors

For those who decorate those to independently perform such work, experts advise taking into taking weather conditions. It is undesirable to paint the facade of the house on sunny hot days and at minus temperatures, because in the first case the paint will dry out unevenly, and in the second – freeze. It is best to choose an overcast day, but without precipitation, with an air temperature above + 10 ° C.

Choosing the right paint for facades is a difficult decision, so the best option is to refer to people who have experience in this matter. After all, you need to pick not only the main color of the facade but also the necessary combination of shades of accent and decor, as well as take into account other properties of such a paint.

Transformation through house paint design outside

The chemical basis of the facade paint determines its operational properties. Depending on what kind of solvent is used in its composition, the colors are organosoluble and water-soluble.

In façade paints on organic solvents, for example, on white spirit, a denser film forms, which poorly passes water vapor. Exceptions are paints with polite resipoliteadvantage of organosoluble paints is their resistance to atmospheric temperature changes, and the disadvantage is toxicity and fire hazard.

Improved appearance thanks to outside house painting color combinations

Water-soluble facade paints are more ecological because they use water instead of organic solvents. In turn, they are divided into two more types:

Water-emulsion facade paints (water-dispersion, emulsion, latex). These paints are made on the basis based conversions of various polymer compounds;

Upgrade by house painting designs and colors outside

Mineral. Their basis is inorganic compounds with astringent properties (cement, lime, liquid glass). In addition, different types of facades of houses assume the appropriate choice of their finishing. For example, if the facade of the building is made with cement plaster, then the paint is selected on the basis based on making it not only beautiful, but also reliable, and durable.

The facade of a wooden house is very often exposed to such negative factors as ultraviolet radiation, increased humidity, damage by insand acts, and fungus. Therefore, to protect the exterior walls of the house and improve its aesthetic appearance in such cases, high-quality exterior paint is used for wood. Preferably, the water-based paint for the facade is acrylic or latex.

Transfiguration through home color design outside

Acrylic paints made on the basis based acrylates do not have a sharp odor, they are environmentally safe, weatherproof, and protect the tree against excessive moisture. So, when painting on wood, a thin film forms, which makes it not only frost-resistant but also promotes the respiration of the pores of the tree.

Another type of water-based paint is latpaintnt. They are also environmentally safe and durable. For exterior use and painting of wooden surfaces, latex façade paint is the best option. The facade of a wooden house, covered with such paint, doesn’t burn out of the sun, it is resistant to humidity and wind.

Apply unusual building outside color

Before painting, the wooden surface with a brush is cleaned from dirt or dust, as well as from mold and fungi. In the presence of irregularities on the surface, they are eliminated using a grinder or sandpaper. After this, apply a primer-antiseptic.

Acrylic or latex paint is thoroughly mixed until uniform if necessary diluted with water or a special solvent. The paint is produced at a “plus” ambient temperature. The drying period is approximately 4 hours.

Consider fresh exterior house color ideas

Facade water-based paints can not be stored at negative temperatures. Concrete refers to fairly strong materials. Despite this, under adverse weather conditions, it is covered,d with cracks and crumbles. For a longer service life of concrete facades, the painting will be one of the best options. Special facade paint for concrete protects the building from various mechanical deformations, from water and heat.

The main requirements for paint for concrete and working on its aworkingcation:

  • the appropriate temperature regime for the manifestation of its optimal protective properties;
  • a certain thickness of the coating to create a beautiful glossy layer without spots and defects;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • protection of the reinforced surface from corrosive processes;
  • reliable protection against mold and fungi due to the addition of substances with antibacterial properties;

Improve your house color design outside

Currently, as an exterior pt for concrete, acrylic paint with a latex base is very popular. It makes it possible to fill all the small cracks on the wall surface and, importantly, it performs protective functions under unfavorable weather conditions.

For the process of painting the house outside it is necessary:

  • puttying;
  • suitable paint;
  • sandpaper;
  • primer;
  • buckets;
  • rollers and brushes;
  • Stairs and other devices for work at height;
  • trays for painting works;
  • overalls and goggles.

Use bright outside house paint ideas

The process of finishing concrete walls begins with preparatory work. The surface to be treated is cleaned of dust and dirt. If there is a fungus or moss on the walls, they should be carefully cleaned and treated with water or antiseptic. Unevenness and defects on the surface of concrete are leveled by puttying. It is recommended to paint freshly-cast concrete surface in a month so that the concrete has time to dry completely. In the event If painted earlier and the paint has already become unusable, its remnants are removed and the surface is again grounded. Each painting has its painting requirements: one can not be applied in bright sunlight, another is recommended for wet surfaces, and there are universal coatings.

Apply correctly exterior paint color ideas

Painting of concrete walls is carried out in 2 layers. After the first layer is completely dry, paint a second time. For painting apply paint brushes or rollers, and if the area of ​​the painting is significant, then use special sprayers. For the modern finishing of the facade of the house, one more unusual method is used: it is plastering under a fur coat. This method of facing the building with subsequent painting makes its surface very durable and spectacular.

If the facade of the house is a fur coat, then the best variant of painting is considered colored plaster. A certain amount of dye is added to the finished mixture, and thus the desired color is obtained. The advantage of colored plaster is the preservation of the original shade even in intense sun, practically without burning out, and even if there are microcracks micro cracksifference in shades is invisible.

But when painting the facade of the house under a fur coat there are a number several. This is due to the F because the finish itself has swings with variations up to 3 mm. Therefore, on the one hand, there is an, increase in the area to be painted with paint overexpendituover expenditure On the other hand it becomes impossible to use brushes or rollers since the surface does not paint completely and has to be painted in three layers. In this case, the decoration becomes quite expensive.

Choose the home outdoor color that suits you

Using a spray gun for painting the facade of the house will be the most economical way. This raises the question: how to paint the house according to this technology? By this method, the coloring matter is broken up into tiny spatter by a spray gun or an atomizer, ensuring uniform coloring of all depressions and peaks. This greatly reduces paint consumption.

Make sure it’s the best color for house outside

If necessary, undecorated areas are treated with a brush. As with any painting, the entire surface is pre-cleaned and primed. Facing the facade with plaster under the “coat” is the opportunity to make your house original. The technology of such works is simple, but the variety of colors of decorative additives give a lot of imagination.

The method of painting the exterior and interior walls of the building is similar. This process is based on the basic painting works in which a spray or a hand roller is used for staining. For painting large areas of walls for short periods spray gun is better suited. With its help, the paint is much more convenient and simple, it fits perfectly on any surface, without streaks and stains. But you need to take into account that for this tool you need to paint with a certain level of viscosity (as a rule, on its packaging, this indicator is specified).

Explore trending outside wall paint colors

When painting the facade with a roller, one must have several nozzles in stock for different sections of wa and prepare portable staircases or scaffolding.

Facade paint is applied by a roller in many ways:

  • at an angle – obliquely;
  • vertically;
  • horizontally.

The technology of painting the facade of the house with a roller is quite simple. For this you need:

  • place the paint in a special tray;
  • moisten the roller in the paint, remove its expand cess by rolling the roller on any undulating surface;
  • apply the dye composition not in the joint, but with overlapping of the bands by several centimeters, so that a uniform coating is obtained.

Compare your favorite outdoor house colors

Typically, all facade paints are applied to the walls with two thin layers, with the exceexcept which requires a three-layer painting of the surfaces. After drying the previous layer, the painting is repeated. If there are metal structures or other elements on the external walls, they are first painted with oil paint, and then with a facade one.

Get inspired by fresh exterior wall paint designs

So that’s that painting the facade of the house was the best, follow the following recommendations:

  • the process of staining the walls is desirable, to begin with,h angular surfaces;
  • in hard-to-reach areas for painting it is more convenient to use thinner brushes of the appropriate size;
  • Door and window openings are covered with painters tape to intersect them from paint;
  • follow the weather forecast for a few days to choose the most suitable time for painting and not spoil the result due to unfavorable weather conditions;
  • to create an individual and unique design, paint the window, door, and other el, elements of the facade in a different color, which would be in harmony with the general background. The question of what color to paint the house and how its exterior will fit into the landscape can be reconciled with the designer.

The modern market of paint and varnish materials is so diverse that it is difficult to understand without the advice of a specialist or relevant knowledge in this field. The water-soluble or facade water-based paint must be of very high quality and meet certain requirements, ie not only improving the appearance of the building but also protecting it from all sorts of mechanical damages or impacts.

Choose the best exterior wall color combination

If you are thinking about how to paint the front of the house, domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a variety of colors that will satisfy the most demanding consumer. Colors come in these types:

  • vinyl;
  • acrylic;
  • acrylic-silicone;
  • calcareous;
  • cement;
  • silicone;
  • silicate;
  • polysilicon

To determine which paint to choose, you need to know the specifics of each type. Vinyl paints used to be very popular, but now they are increasingly being replaced with acrylics. Although paints from vinyl compounds have good moisture capacity and protect against water vapor, they can not completely protect the surface of the walls from negative environmental factors and therefore are used very rarely.

Check on the wall of your house the selected color combination for the house exterior

Today, the most demanded acrylic paints. This facade coating perfectly protects the exterior walls of the house from various aggressive influences, excessive moisture and heat, and mechanical damage. It is used for painting the facade of a building made of various materials: stone and brick, wood and metal, concrete and plaster, and many others. Acrylic paints differ in a large number of shades.

Acrylic-silicone paint exterior walls are better to paint in the warm season because even with its high resistance, such a coating does not have sufficient absorption. Facade paint lime type due to its specific composition provides maximum protection of the walls from the appearance of fungus and mold. The disadvantage of such colors is the small number of colors offered.

Narrow your exterior paint colors for home choices as much as possible

Cement paint absorbs moisture well and has an affordable price, so it is also in demand among consumers. Its shortcomings are a small range of colors (mostly light colors) and the appearance of different spots and damage to the walls over time. The basis of silicone facade paints is silicone resin. It is a polymer in which the smallest particles of silicon are present. Due to this composition, the paint is UV-resistant and hydrophobic. Also, it is more plastic, so it can hide microcracks after it is applied to the surface of the walls.

Silicate facade paints are waterproof and durable coatings. They protect the walls from ultraviolet radiation and sharp temperature changes. The composition of this paint, in addition to liquid potassium glass, includes a special filler of silicon and various mineral pigments, so it is durable and has anti-corrosion properties. Silicate paints are used for applying to walls of brick, stone, or plastered surfaces.

Apply the outer home color depending on the material

The polysilicon type of facade paints is less in demand among consumers because it is a relatively new type of paint and varnish product. Such compositions are a combination of silicone and silicate components, so they have several advantages. These paints have a high degree of vapor permeability, and low moisture absorption and are well applied to the surface. Polysilicon paints cover dry cement and cement-lime plasters, as well as surfaces painted with other types of paints.

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33+ Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

What role did the gray color house exterior in the cubic style play in the monolithic reinforced concrete mansion? Gray ...

14+ Best Color Combinations for House Exteriors

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A variety of ideas for painting the brick walls of a country house allows you to turn even a banal ...

Modern Black And White House Exterior Ideas

Contrasts have become a trend in the design of not only interiors, but also the facades of fashionable cottages. Stylish ...

Modern Exterior House Colors

If you do not know what color to paint the house from outside, photos of our gallery will help you ...

Terracotta Color Outdoor Cladding Material

The terracotta color in the decoration of the facade of the house makes the building look cozy and elegant. To ...

What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior

What color should I paint the front of the house? Everyone who plans to create or update the format of ...

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