How to Decorate a Double Height Living Room House for a Luxurious Feel

An architectural marvel, the double height living room house, presents a canvas expansive enough for grand ideas. As we unfurl the secrets of transforming this majestic space into a luxurious haven, prepare to step into a world where scale, light, and décor dance a harmonious ballet. The result? A dwelling that is not merely a house, but a breathing work of art, resonating with your unique aesthetic ethos.

PIN8 House / Architects: PMMT Arquitectura / Photographs:DEL RIO BANI

Understanding Scale in a Double Height Living Room House

A double height living room house teems with potential but decorating it calls for a keen understanding of scale. The high ceilings demand large, bold pieces that fill the space without overpowering it. Think oversized art pieces, tall indoor plants, or even a grand piano, their presence magnifying the room’s magnificence.

Resisting the urge to fill every inch is equally important. Space is a luxury, and in a double height living room house, it manifests voluminously. Allow for generous swathes of open areas, encouraging a sense of airiness. This delicate balance between occupied and free space paints a picture of understated luxury.

Integrating pieces with varied heights adds dynamism to the room. A high-backed sofa, medium-sized coffee table, and low lying ottomans offer an interesting play of levels. The eye travels along this undulating landscape, a visual journey that adds depth to your living room.

Finally, remember that scale extends to patterns too. Large rooms can handle bold, large-scale prints. So, drape your curtains, scatter your cushions, and roll out your rugs in big, daring patterns, a celebration of the ample canvas your double height living room house offers.

Illuminating the Luxury of a Double Height Living Room House

Light, natural or artificial, can dramatically alter the ambiance of a double height living room house. Allow natural light to pour in through tall windows, its luminous threads weaving an airy, ethereal feel. When the sun dips, let the artificial lights take over the narrative, a symphony of shadows and brilliance.

Pendant lights and chandeliers are a great way to fill the vertical space. Suspended from the ceiling, they draw the eye upwards, emphasizing the room’s height. Choose pieces that reflect your taste, their glow a warm echo of your personality.

Layered lighting creates an intimate atmosphere. Mix and match floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces, their varying heights illuminating different corners. This medley of light and shadow unravels intriguing tales across your living room.

Finally, let the lights become the décor. From sculptural floor lamps to crystal chandeliers, each light source can double as an art piece. Their radiant presence punctuating the room’s luxurious ambiance.

Choosing Décor for a Double Height Living Room House

When it comes to décor, a double height living room house invites a fusion of grandeur and coziness. Start with a plush rug, its texture inviting bare feet, its design echoing the room’s aesthetic. For the walls, consider an accent wall or a stunning piece of oversized art.

Add a personal touch to the space with collected items, curated over time. This could be a stack of coffee table books, a collection of vintage cameras, or a display of ceramic vases. These pieces reveal stories about you, adding depth and intrigue to your living room.

Don’t forget greenery. Tall indoor plants or a vertical garden can bring a touch of nature indoors, their vibrant hues infusing a sense of calm amidst the luxurious setting. On the other hand, a well-pruned bonsai or an arrangement of succulents can provide a refreshing contrast in this grand space.

Lastly, remember the power of textiles. Velvet cushions, silk drapes, or a faux fur throw can add a layer of tactile luxury. Their soft, inviting textures balance the imposing structure of a double height living room house, contributing to a nuanced, luxurious feel.

Conclusion: Decorating a double height living room house for a luxurious feel is an artful process. It’s about understanding the unique proportions of the space, illuminating it to accentuate its grandeur, and choosing décor that resonates with your aesthetic sensibilities. With thoughtful attention to scale, light, and décor, your double height living room house can become more than a dwelling. It can transform into a luxurious sanctuary, a breathtaking canvas that captures the essence of your unique artistic vision. And in that lies the magic of a truly luxurious living space—it is a mirror reflecting your soul, your passions, and your dreams.