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ArtFacade » 333k+ Best House Projects » Beautiful House Facade With Unique Exterior Finishes / Gauribidanur Residence

Beautiful House Facade With Unique Exterior Finishes / Gauribidanur Residence

The fashionable, beautiful facade of the house with a unique exterior finish, combining ultra-modern and sustainable natural materials, was proposed by the architectural agency Cadence Architects.

The peculiarity of the appearance of the mansion is the combination and harmonious interaction of at first glance incompatible elements.

Natural and traditional finishes in ultra-modern forms / beautiful facades of houses

The monolithic building with a broken shape is finished with wood and metal panels. At the same time, the facade structures form sharp, irregular angles that are not typical for traditional houses. The building seems to be bent, cut and fractured.

But in all this there is not chaos, but thoughtfulness and orderliness to achieve an optimal result. Shapes provide a comfortable flow of light inside, guaranteeing the privacy of spaces. It seems that the building does not even have windows, but in fact, it has panoramic glazing, which remains invisible from the road.

Creative forms and functionality / beautiful home facades

Every corner, break or cut of a beautiful house facade with a unique finish is not designed for beauty, but has a functional purpose. The form has been thought out for organizing private terraces on the top floor. Sloped corners and structures hide entrances and panoramic windows from outside views.

If you look from below, it seems that all these lines are created chaotically and serve only for the originality of the facade. A top view shows that every corner, cornice, irregular design is thought out functionally.

Vertical landscaping in harmony with creative architecture / beautiful home exteriors

The beautiful facade of the house looks super futuristic due to the unique exterior decoration. According to the concept of the future, living plants acquire a more valuable meaning. Therefore, together with ultra-fashionable minimalist forms, the architects decided to make a living garden on the facade.

Bright green lawns, shrubs and miniature trees enliven the cottage, add notes of naturalness and comfort to it. Wildlife makes its way through creative architectural forms. But it is not the struggle between industrialization and forests that is emphasized here, but the possibility of their joint, harmonious existence. Nature supports the cottage – and the cottage creates conditions and is the foundation for nature.

The beautiful facade of the house with a unique exterior finish became impressive due to the fact that the architects were not afraid to combine seemingly incongruous solutions. The trendy building is in keeping with the biotech and has minimal impact on the environment, but at the same time looks like a truly futuristic object.