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ArtFacade » 111+ Unique Stone Houses ~ Best cladding design ideas

111+ Unique Stone Houses ~ Best cladding design ideas

Want to see how the decorative facade in stone should look like – see the best photos with us! Whether it is decorative or artificial, you will see what a magnificent facing of private houses and buildings with a decorative stone can be.

Fake Stone for Exterior of House

Decorative, artificial stone – in the design of the decorative facade of your house adds elegance, beauty, grandeur and comfort to the architecture. Facing stone can be used in many directions in the design, including the entire façade made of stone, one of the walls of stone, or the fragmentary inclusion of the facing stone in the overall design of the facade.

The design of the decorative facade of the house can be completed, but you want to create a rustic or modern look, and also combine a facing stone – tile with various materials, including glass, iron and wood. On this page of our site, we present 33+ facade solutions with facing tiles – stones that you can apply to your dream home.

Fake Stone Cladding

Adding a non-high layer of facing stone on the base of your home will not only add life to the design, but also calm and tranquility.

Imitation Stone Siding

This stone ornamental facade is very modern with its turquoise blue entrance. This is a great moment of modernity in design. This option of using facing stone gives the facade of your home a homely and, at the same time, rustic look.

Stone Facade For Houses Exterior

Instead of facing the entire facade with clinker tiles, the designer placed decorative stones in the most conspicuous part of the house, which is the wall in front of the car parking.

Stone Front House

The contrast between the white and dark tones of the stones adds architecture and modernity to the decorative facade.

Stone Exterior Homes

Along with stone trimming, this house also has a glass facade, and the contrasting brightness of its walls makes the house look very good.

Stone Siding House

The mixture of stone and glass in the design of the decorative facade adds a rustic touch to this modern home.

Stone Cladding Panels

The designer of the facade added decorative stone tiles in vertical volume and glass in small areas of the house.

Natural Stone For House Exterior

A strip of black natural stone gives this modern home a very elegant look.

Cast Natural Stone Veneer

Using a natural form of natural stone cladding, the architect perfectly coped with the European rustic design of the decorative facade of the house.

Exterior Wall Stone

Adding accents to the stone facade perfectly complements the high ceilings of mahogany. Using a stone for the lower level and glass for the upper, the architect created a perfectly balanced relationship between these two elements.

Brick And Stone Exterior Color Combinations

The decorative facade of stone and wood combines the best design solutions of a village house.

Modern House Stone Exterior Designs

To achieve a modern look, the architect used large stones in an integrated multi-block facade.

This typical Spanish architecture is as homely and warm as the facade of a stone house can provide.

Stone Siding Panels

The architect has built a stone into the design of the garage, so you enter the house with a great impression.

Real Stone Siding

This country house is completely made of stones and decorated with beautiful wooden columns.

Fake Stone Wall Panels

Instead of making a stone decorative facade, this homeowner decided to build a stone wall.

Outdoor Stone Veneer

Another stone house is ideal for living in cold winters.

Rock For House Exterior

The use of stone, glass and soothing colors gave the house a natural look.

Stone Facing For House Exterior

Rustic cottage with a stone decorative facade and a beautiful garden looks just like from a fairy tale.

Stone Siding For Homes

With different materials used for two levels, this beach house is very modern and chic.

Stone Facing On House

Several materials are used to give the house a modern look.

Stacked Stone Facade

This house has only a square fragment of a stone facade to give a modern touch.

Stone Exterior House Designs

A stone wall complements the landscaping to create this modern decorative facade.

Stone Facade Exterior

This house has a stone facade that evenly divides the lighter facades of a two-story house.

Fieldstone Siding

A car on the background of a decorative stone facade is a great addition to this beautiful home.

External Stone Cladding

The stones are concentrated in the doorway of the house, which makes it magnificent.

Stacked Stone Exterior House

Stones distinguish a part of the facade that affects the overall design of the decorative facade finish in a very non-intrusive way.

Rock Veneer Exterior

The horizontal stone pattern separates the two parts of the house.

Outdoor Faux Stone

This modern forest house, designed by Dutch architects, is located in Sost, the Netherlands. The mansion has a stunning finish with artificial stone, which blends perfectly with the surrounding nature. The unusual house is decorated with artificial stone with wooden details framing the huge expanses of glass, giving a view of the street in each room. The natural design of the house has a strong connection with the external environment also through sliding glass doors that open to the garden.

Decorative Stone Siding

In addition to the exterior of the decorative facade with stone inside, the floors of natural stone and simple elements bring a chic look to the space. An open house concept plan connects the living space of the house and floods every corner and crack with natural light.

Modern Stone Veneer

Stretching from the basement to the upper floor, an open void encased in windows unites three living spaces, while maintaining their connection with the street. A secluded place on the edge of the forest – what could be more tempting for a quiet and relaxing holiday. You will rarely see a photo of such a plating decorative stone.

Stone Facing For Walls

Thanks to the huge sliding windows on the first floor you will achieve complete unity with the environment. The concrete platform in front of the kitchen area allows you to place any objects that match your desires.

Outdoor Stone Siding

Wooden sliding window protection perfectly combines with decorative stone trim. Photos of such fragments of the house are great.

Stone Wall Covering

Concrete wall – another contrasting element of the decorative facade. Divided by lines into sections – it gives massiveness to the main entrance to the house and to the entrance to the garage, as well as to the balcony.

Stone Wall House Exterior

Once again, we are convinced that the combination of stone trimming with fragments of wood veneer is an ideal natural composition, the price of which cannot be great. Concrete brings a human hand to this natural environment.

Fake Stone Panels Exterior

Huge glazed spaces give an excellent presence effect both indoors and out. At your request, you can fully open to nature or create a cozy, confidential space with the help of window blinds and curtains.

The uneven landscape, direct forms with the use of natural materials, the stunning closeness of nature – all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of living space – a space in which I want to be constantly.

Beautiful grey stone house built into the rock

Spacious, multi-level beautiful grey stone house on a cliff with maximum integration into the landscape.

Luxurious view house with three levels is built on a rocky hill covered with picturesque vegetation with oaks and pines. The architecture of the building is maximally adapted to the landscape, repeats the shape of the rocks and is harmoniously built into them. A beautiful grey stone house attached to the rock formations. It is thought out in such a way as to preserve not only the shape of the area, but also the vegetation on it.

The architects tried not to disturb the harmony and serenity of the landscape, interfering with it as little as possible. As a result, a complex of living spaces was built here, located at different levels and dynamically fitting into the area.

Integration of a beautiful grey stone house into the landscape

The building appears to be built into the rock. For the outer walls, natural stone was used, which matches the rock formations in color and texture. The beautiful grey stone house is designed on three terraces, on different levels. Each part of the building has its own orientation, views.

The plot with the house dynamically repeats the forms and transitions created by nature. Instead of a traditional roof, we get exploitable surfaces with stones, trees, shrubs. Stony cliffs practically penetrate the interior.

Inside, the housing is also finished with natural materials characteristic of this area. Stone floors and walls look harmonious and natural surrounded by rocky landscapes.

All these techniques made it possible to introduce the house into the environment as naturally as possible, while preserving the virgin beauty of the natural landscape. The living volumes themselves are a cascade of spaces behind large panoramic windows.

Direct contact of a beautiful grey stone house with a rock

When designing the house, it was planned to make housing as close as possible to the picturesque landscape, to create direct contact with it. To achieve the desired effect, large panoramic windows were used in the building not only towards sea views, but also inside the area formed by rock formations.

Due to the close visual contact, the rocks become a tool for creating an atmosphere of coziness, reliability, comfort and safety in the house. Vegetation is also located in close proximity to the living spaces.

The object consists of several levels with dynamic transitions. Each of them interacts with the environment in its own way. The lower floor is considered the most private, but at the same time, it is from here that access is made to the main terrace with a swimming pool and a panorama to the sea. The middle level is designed with views and exits in both directions – to the courtyard and to the scenic landscapes. Social areas are designed on the top floor. Here is the entrance.

To connect the levels of a beautiful grey stone house, stairs are made in the rocks, which seem to cut through the rock. They are lined up between rocky formations and are closely integrated into the landscape.

ImagesWissam Chaaya

Beautiful Small Stone House In The Mountains

Traditional Alpine architecture is strength, reliability, homely warmth and comfort in the midst of harsh mountain conditions. A beautiful Small stone chalet with an incredibly majestic view built on the basis of a small old hut. Most modern solutions cannot compete with real stone in terms of reliability and durability, so it was decided to restore the existing building for the object.

The owners have been given a cozy nest on top of the world where they can enjoy the majesty of the Alps and still be safe.

Combination of tradition and modernity in a small stone house in the mountains

The ancient architecture has suffered some changes. Interior spaces have been expanded to meet the needs of a new generation of residents. At the same time, the surfaces are lined with traditional materials, but in a modern manner. Warm wooden walls, ceilings, furniture, minimalist design create an atmosphere of home comfort.

Externally, the small stone house received large panoramic windows, due to which unobstructed views of the mountains open from the spaces. The rooms are simply flooded with natural daylight. The facade is equipped with a system of wooden doors, large shutters to protect and increase the comfort of housing.

During the harsh winter, the windows can be closed. The house is dynamic and adapts to different weather. In the first case, it corresponds to new trends and tendencies, providing for openness, lightness, and a large glass area. And in the second, the building turns into a secluded, traditional hut, closed from the cold, but with the most comfortable living conditions.

Thoughtful arrangement of spaces in a small stone chalet

The cottage has two floors. In this case, the first level is built into the slope. It remains almost invisible, hidden. Due to this, the privacy of spaces is increased here, and in strong winds, residents feel protected. The second floor rises above the slope. It has a panoramic view and is connected with a terrace, from which a panorama of tens of kilometers around opens.

In connection with this arrangement of levels, the living spaces in the house were placed somewhat unusually. From above we get a specific social zone with a living room, kitchen, dining room, access to the adjoining recreation area. And secluded, quiet bedrooms are located on the first floor.

In general, a small stone house in the Alps embodies tradition, but at the same time it is adapted to new demands for comfort and functionality of housing. The house is dynamic, spacious, open, although it is based on a century-old building. Solid stone walls create a comfortable and safe environment for residents. The two-level configuration made it possible to optimally implement all the necessary living spaces.

ArchitectsLuconi architetti associati
ImagesMarcello Mariana

Rock Facing For Houses

When a client Ignacio Salas-Humara ordered to design a new house that will look like for 150 years, it was the first time that a Texas architect was asked to design a historic house … not just a historically-looking house. “My client really wanted everything to be as accurate as possible,” says Salas-Humara. Therefore, for inspiration and extensive research, he spent several hours northeast of the construction site in Fredericksburg, where the historic district with 40 houses is one of the earliest German settlements in the state.

Decorative Stone Cladding

Decorative Stone Wall Exterior

Founded in 1846, Fredericksburg hosted the first generations of German settlers. Looking for land and opportunities, they arrived with an arsenal of old traditions and skills. As immigrants adapted to their new environment, they created what they could, included what was available and learned from each other. They saw potential in local raw materials in this region of Texas. Place high, solid hills of limestone or granite, covered with a thin layer of soil.

Outdoor Stone Cladding

At first, the Germans copied log houses built by settlers from the East Coast. In the end, they mined abundant limestone around them to build solid stone houses. The walls of carved stonework were common in the Hessian and Frankish areas of Germany, where such masonry usually appears on the first floor of the house, and the upper levels are decorated with half-timbered houses.

Traditional Brick And Stone

In Fredericksburg, Salas Humara struck by the number of multi-level residential buildings that he saw. “The family could start with a log cabin, add a barn,” the architect notes. Houses organically grown up. Fredericksburg is “the golden source of this type of architecture,” says Salas-Humara. It is not unusual to find all three phases of construction – log, half-timbered and stone – in separate German houses with subsequent completion.

Stone Veneer Fireplace Surround

Inspired by the folk architecture of Fredericksburg, Salas Humara built a 7,000-square-foot home for his client, located on a 500-acre ranch outside the historic city of Medina, 275 miles from Fredericksburg. It is located on a famous hill overlooking the west bank of the Medina River, a tranquil waterway shaded by cypress trees and loved by canoeists. Turning to his research, Salas-Humara focused on the concept of a quiet manor. “It was conceived as a whole to produce the effect that every detail — a log cabin, main house, water tower — was built separately over time, added and connected to the rest of the buildings,” he explains.

Stone Facing For Exterior Walls

According to the architect, the main house of the ranch looked like a much larger version of a typical German stone house. In his book, Roots of the House, Russell Versaci calls it “the pumped-up version of the Hill Country Sunday house.” “These small buildings in the city were often built of half-timbered houses. But the Sunday houses were small and did not include the central corridor, while the architecture of Salas-Humara is much larger. This is a multi-storey house with a spacious attic with a classic layout with cabinets on the left and right. Old oak beams dominate the decoration, and 18-inch limestone walls provide excellent insulation in summer and winter.

Stone Trim On House

Stucco And Stone Exterior Homes

Food, cooking and everyday life take place in a large rectangular room on one side of the central hall. Everything in the room is historically accurate, from an individual kitchen cabinet to blacksmith iron hooks for hanging pots. Referring to the modern refrigerator, located in an old wooden cage, the architect emphasizes the importance of the house working by modern standards, while maintaining its historical appearance. A modern stainless steel stove is built into the stone corner, with glass doors concealing the hood. The floors are of polished, untreated wood cut from antique wood, painted in three colors to give them the right structure.

Stone Bricks Design

In the bedrooms, the open log walls are the height of the original cabin, almost two floors, which allows you to make the attic room higher. Cabins like these, as a rule, had logs stacked on top of each other in corners, a practice that left gaps between the logs that were filled with clay-lime mortar.

A short corridor connects the wing of the children’s bedroom with a two-story garage, which resembles an old western bunker and a stone carriage. The client wanted a four-car garage, which, when the cars were removed, could be used as a holiday space. The garage is authentic for the 1800s, with wooden hinged doors decorated with a local blacksmith. “We got the look and authenticity, as well as convenience,” explains Salas-Humara.

Stone For Front Of House Pictures

The pursuit of precision down to the smallest detail also influenced the construction of the water tower on the ranch. In the 18th and 19th centuries, these ubiquitous cedar and cypress cisterns, topped with a corrugated metal roof, provided water for drinking and, if necessary, for putting out fires. “This construction was originally intended to be made false, but the owner wanted real,” says Salas-Khumara, indicating that water is used for landscape irrigation today.

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