Terracotta Painted Walls As A Base For A Calm Atmosphere

It is important to use natural, neutral tones to create a calm, serene environment. They become the basis for a comfortable, serene atmosphere. For this purpose, the terracotta color of the walls is used in the interior and exterior of the house. At the same time, it harmoniously fits into a natural, natural environment, especially in a desert, sandy area.

terracotta wall color

An example of such an object is the Bak Gordon Arquitectos project in the Portuguese town of Grandola. This is a complex in shape and geometry house with a balanced configuration for a comfortable life in a hot climate. Outside cork walls enhance the quality of life in the building by isolating the rooms from the sun.

The architecture of a comfortable house with terracotta walls in the exterior

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Against the background of terracotta color, the deep blue sky looks even more spectacular, richer. This is especially noticeable in outdoor recreation areas. For coziness and comfort, they are surrounded by walls in a natural tone, but at the same time they are in the open air. This made it possible to protect themselves from the sand, sultry heat, but at the same time leave these spaces in the fresh air.

terracotta accent wall

The pool with blue water, attached directly to the house, also adds freshness to the property. Due to the use of water, the terracotta color of the walls in the interior and exterior does not look gloomy, boring, lifeless. Light coolness and pleasant humidity from an artificial reservoir balance the microlimate of the spaces.

Terracotta color of the walls in the interior for a simple yet comfortable environment

terra cotta wall decor

Indoor terracotta tones create a special, romantic setting with an emphasis on identity. A sense of home comfort and seclusion arises here, residents are immersed in a safe, colorful atmosphere. This is emphasized by furniture made from natural materials, laconic interior and uniform insolation through large windows.

terracotta wall colour

The terracotta tone creates a unique atmosphere of peace, silence, comfort. Moreover, this shade has a neutral effect on the emotional state, it does not irritate, does not cause apathy or drowsiness. The palette is equally well suited for outdoor use, for decorating open-air recreation areas and for closed living spaces, rooms, social places.

terracotta wall paint color

Combining with the desert landscape, the terracotta color of the walls successfully integrates the house into the landscape. A small pool revives it, creating a comfortable, fresh oasis for life from the building.

ArchitectsBak Gordon arquitectos
ImagesFrancisco Nogueira