101+ Beautiful Two Story Houses @ 5+ Modern Design Tricks

The SAOTA architectural bureau presented another project of an ultramodern beautiful two-story house in a minimalist style with an emphasis on hi-tech. A spacious mansion in Canada has become a benchmark for the implementation of fashionable, trendy ideas by architects and designers.

beautiful double storey houses

The 5 basic techniques used in this project have become fundamental in the construction of a building in a modern style.

1. Open glass facades 👉 two-story house design

Externally, a beautiful two-story house is a glass shell of comfortable, ergonomic living space. Stained-glass floor glazing is made in both social and private rooms, ensuring the ease and effect of the building.

double story home designs

The space seems almost attached to the wildlife around. To ensure the confidentiality of housing in the interior used dense plain curtains.

two story home designs

2. Local area and living space as a whole 👉 2-floor house design

Architects closely integrated the adjoining recreation areas with a pool and internal living space. There are practically no strict boundaries between housing and terraces. It gives a feeling of freedom, openness, and spaciousness.

2 story home designs

The interior space smoothly passes into a covered terrace in the fresh air, then there is an open terrace, and then a swimming pool. All this is framed in a single minimalist style and one palette. Visually, social spaces in a beautiful two-story house practically merge with the adjacent recreation area.

2 storey home designs

3. Straightforwardness and ease of construction 👉 two stories modern house design

None of the elements of this beautiful two-story house is made just for the sake of aesthetics – each part of it has a functional purpose. All designs are distinguished by straight lines, lack of decor, made in neutral colors, and harmony with nature.

best 2 floor house design

With scale, the building is devoid of massiveness – it does not clutter the site. The effect of open living space is created, surrounded by forests and meadows.

4. Freedom inside the house 👉 two story house design

Functional areas inside the house do not have clear boundaries. They are visually separated from each other with the help of finishing materials, furniture light, and walls here are at least.

2 storey contemporary house design

This layout allows you to maximize the potential of panoramic structures that enclose the house. The building remains spacious, bright, and attached to the environment both inside and out.

5. Game of contrast and textures 👉 2-story house design

The most important technique, which the two-story house looks beautiful, was the combination of matte, glossy surfaces, and light and dark colors. All accent designs stand out not only due to the shape and lines, but also the tone, and texture of the surfaces. Moreover, architects used shades and materials that are in harmony with wildlife.

beautiful two storey house design

To build a beautiful two-story house in a modern style according to the principles of the SAOTA architectural bureau, you should use as much glass as possible, not hide the living space behind stone or brick walls. The external space must be designed as if it were also part of the living space, it just continues in the open air. The house should be ultramodern, but at the same time merge with wildlife.

PhotoAdam Letch

Modern 2 Storey House Design 👉 900 m² of simple shapes from Singapore

All the features of the tropical climate are taken into account in the design of a two-story house in a modern style. The building, located on a hill surrounded by a green meadow and an old railway, is fully consistent with the style of a classic colonial bungalow.

modern double story house design
2 storey house modern roof design
modern two storey house interior design

Modern two-floor house tropical design

Vast green lawns around the house and sprawling green vegetation immerse the house in the natural environment, which is fully consistent with the paradigm of modern tropical life. An l-shaped slab of textured reinforced concrete, along with natural greenery, frames the facade of stone polished slabs.

modern 2 story house
modern two story house

The clear geometric construction of the building emphasizes the natural beauty of the tropical landscape. A magnificent riot of greenery around the house gives the appearance a natural touch. The blue of the pool contributes to the unity of nature and architectural solutions.

modern two storey house

The architectural concept prioritized the direction of seasonal winds and the tropical sun during certain daylight hours. This allowed us to create a comfortable living space with maximum proximity to nature.

2 story modern home

A holistic and systematic approach to the construction of a two-story house in a modern style made it possible to achieve integration unity between architectural solutions, interior interiors, and landscape design.

two story house modern

The indisputable advantage of the exterior of the house is a carefully selected palette of colors and textures of finishing materials. Stone and wood in the equipment of the facade, panoramic glass surfaces, the blue of the water surface of the pool, and lush greenery bring true aesthetic pleasure to the residents and guests of the house.

modern 2 story home

2 story modern house floor plan 👉 simplicity and elegance of the interior of a two-story house in a modern style

The simplicity and clarity of the structural elements are embodied in an elegant design. The program approach in the arrangement of the rectangular structures of the building makes it possible to use all the internal premises with maximum benefit.

modern two story homes
two story home

Structurally, the house consists of a common space, four bedrooms, and a guest room. The front is a transitional space between the outer courtyard and the interior rooms. This is facilitated by the spatial combination of textures and colors of the interior and exterior solutions.

2 story homes

The foyer of the house, the living room, and the dining area, thanks to the solid glass sliding windows and doors, have free access to the green lawn. This design solution provides excellent natural light and ventilation.

2 story house layout

The equipment of open facade surfaces with wooden screens gives the room additional comfort and security.

house layouts 2 story

The presence of wooden screens on the top floor creates a secluded atmosphere and, if necessary, allows you to protect the bedrooms from the hot tropical sun.

two story house layout

In the basement of a two-story house in a modern style, the original multimedia room is equipped with a fake window made on one of the walls of the pool.

The desire to equip your home with such an original architectural design must be confirmed by reliable architectural calculations and high-quality building materials. So that the basement of your house does not turn out to be flooded with water from the pool, it is better to order its construction by experienced builders.

Architects ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Photo Derek Swalwell

2 Story House on the Sloping Mountainside 👉 300 m² Unique Architecture

What are the benefits of a two-story house on a gentle slope of the mountain due to its location and natural surroundings? Features of the cottage on the mountain.

two story modern farmhouse

The architectural bureau Kropka Studio presented a project of a classic Polish two-story house on a gentle slope of a mountain. In the context of construction, such a location may not be very convenient and practical. But the architects and designers who created the facility were able to use the hillside as an advantage. The house received several unique features. Housing has been successfully adapted for a specific family – in this case, this is a married couple with three children.

2 storey with roof deck
2 story house with roof deck

Double story house 👉 The original architecture of a two-story slope house

Due to its location on a slope, the lower floor of the house was partially sunk into a hill. In this part of the building cold rooms were located – utility rooms, and a garage. Also on the ground floor are designed children’s rooms overlooking the garden.

two storey house with roof deck

Social areas, a kitchen, and a dining room with panoramic windows are located on the upper level. It provides optimal south-western lighting, and from here opens a picturesque view of the mountains. The master bedroom of the owners is also located on the top floor. In the general concept, they adhered to the most spacious and open space.

two story mansion

The non-standard arrangement of social zones and bedrooms made it possible to conveniently delimit space and achieve maximum rationality. The best views are in the social zone, safety and comfort are in the children’s bedrooms, and convenience, practicality, and privacy are in the owners’ room. In addition, from the back of the house the second floor is located at ground level, and a separate exit has been made from there.

2 story suburban house

The internal space was repeated by the external shape of the house – instead of a flat horizontal ceiling, a gable was made – according to the roof structure. This technique allowed expanding the space, giving the house a traditional feel, due to which it harmoniously integrated into nature.

2 story barn house

2 story house interior design 👉 Modern Scandinavian interior of a two-story house surrounded by mountains

Inside, a two-story house on a gentle slope of the mountain is decorated in a fashionable Scandinavian interior. The simplicity, conciseness, and environmental friendliness of such an environment harmoniously combine with the natural environment. Due to the large area of glazing with views of the natural scenery, the Scandinavian interior looks especially advantageous.

2 story house ideas

The situation in this style makes it possible to use all 300 square meters of living space as useful as possible. A light, spacious, and homely warm interior creates an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and reliability surrounded by snow-capped mountains and green forests.

big 2 story house

Two-floor house design 👉 EXTENDED PANORAMA

Due to the location of the house high on a hillside, the windows offer panoramic views of the mountain landscape and the nearby valley. To enhance the view effect, panoramic glazing was made in the house. Standing at such a window, as if you are on the observation deck. At the same time, the house itself is localized and has sufficient privacy. Due to its location on the hillside, the species’ characteristics have become one of the main features of this house. They needed to be emphasized.

two story pole barn house

A two-story house on a gentle slope of the mountain is integrated into the area. This is a small private mansion in the mountains, built bypassing generally accepted norms and rules, which made it convenient for a particular family.

Architects Kropka Studio
Photo Maciej Lulko

Beautiful Modern Style Double Floor House Design

The new generation residence, which includes living spaces and an exhibition hall for guests, is a complex of spaces, and volumes that form a single, multifunctional environment for life and creativity. The presented design of a beautiful two-story house demonstrates the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and modern possibilities in the context of integrating housing with wildlife.

luxury two story home designs

The object consists of three structures. One is intended for receiving guests, the other for family life, and the third for private spending time, and relaxation. The spaces are united by a backyard with lush vegetation and recreation areas with a swimming pool. This part of the site is completely confidential, so it remains inaccessible from the outside.

two story house design ideas

Two-storey home design 👉 The dynamics of spaces in the two-storey building design

There is a close interweaving of internal and external volumes, open areas, and premises in the object. However, most of the zones do not have a clear visual distinction. Flush glass doors and a barrier-free environment made it possible to practically erase the boundary between the living room and the pool area.

best double storey house design
best two floor house design

The spaces are not located behind four enclosing structures but are designed in dynamically developing structures. The courtyard became the center of this architectural ensemble.

sample house design 2 storey
best double story house design

The second level of the building is wrapped in a perforated structure, due to which the microclimate in the premises is regulated and pleasant lighting is created. In addition, this element of the facade increases the privacy of the rooms on the top floor, although they remain quite open. The translucent hinged facade element also plays an important aesthetic role. The building looks unusual and modern.

latest double story house design

Contemporary two-storey house design 👉 The continuity of zones in the beautiful two-story building design

The living space and terraces of the house and the patio are combined and look continuous. The effect of integrity is enhanced by the barrier-free environment.

two storey flat roof house designs
two storey box type house design

Unlike the traditional layout, this design of a beautiful two-story house has a somewhat unusual arrangement of living spaces. In front of the building, away from the road, there are private rooms, bedrooms, and social areas that go deeper and directly contact the backyard.

2 storey single detached house design
two storey native house design

At the same time, the windows in the bedrooms can always be closed with curtains, having achieved a sufficiently high level of confidentiality. The living room and kitchen overlook a compact, picturesque courtyard with rich vegetation. For maximum contact with the environment, corner glazing is provided in the living area on the lower level. Due to this technique, a feeling of hanging in the air of the upper floor is created.

beautiful 2 story house design
two storey house design with balcony

For an even greater connection between inside and outside, the design of the beautiful two-story house includes stone floors, ensuring the quality integration of the living space with the patio.

two story box type house design
ArchitectsButtrick Projects Architecture+Design
ImagesJoe Fletcher

Original Double Story House Design 👉 280 m² Innovative modern solutions and architectural heritage of the last century

Modern architectural solutions do not cease to amaze with their creativity and novelty, and, as a vivid confirmation of this, a two-story private house appears in the eastern part of Lisbon. Due to the unusual design, and panoramic view of the boulevard with white and black poplars, this single-family house has become a real attraction in the whole area.

2 story pool house

The concept of the project of the so-called “house in Lisbon” consisted of the need to reconstruct an old building built in the middle of the 20th century. A small living area and insufficient lighting of the interior have become the main reason for the completion and improvement of the cottage.

small double story house

The old building was located in the backyard, while the walls and roof of the building remained intact. The curved finished facade of the house expanded the living space and filled the rooms with sunlight and warmth due to panoramic glazing.

flat roof double storey houses

The flat roof of the new original facade is aligned with the roof of a pre-existing building. This creates a contrast between traditional and modern architectural solutions, giving the house a new sound. The severity and purity of the lines are striking in the novelty of architectural thought and its impeccable embodiment in glass and concrete.

nice double storey houses

The snow-white facade of a two-story private house and the fencing of the site, made in the same style, are complemented by a contrasting green lawn and pool. Both floors of the building offer wonderful views of the nearby street and a relaxation area by the pool.

small double storey house

Against the background of the blue pool, the snow-white facade looks pristine clean, and soft. The building is striking in the eyes of the hill and the children’s spontaneity. Spacious enough inside, the house looks compact, unusual, and creative.

simple double storey house

The spatial novelty and cleanliness of the facade cross the threshold of the building, giving the freshness and spaciousness of the interior room. The interior, designed in bright colors in a single stylistic solution with the external appearance of the building, looks sensually liberated. The simplicity of the lines and the white-gray palette of the interior interspersed with wooden elements create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house. Thanks to light tones and natural light, the expanded interior space look even more spacious and lighter.

simple double story houses

There are many building techniques to increase the usable area of an old house. On the example of a two-story residential building in Lisbon, one of the architectural solutions is considered: an extension from the front. To correctly calculate the load on the soil during the completion of the premises, especially on inclined areas, you should contact professional designers.

Architects Bruno Camara Arquitectos
Photo José Ventura

4 Reasons to Choose a Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

Traditionally, the second light in a two-story house is perceived solely as an aesthetic element. Due to it, it is possible to visually expand the space, make the room open, and the facade is beautiful. But as an example, consider that with the successful implementation of the project of a two-story house with a second light, such an architectural element also acts as an important functional attribute.

projects of two-story houses with a second light, layout of a two-story house with a second light

4 reasons why a two-story house with a second light is no longer a classic, but an architectural technique for innovative solutions.


Most often, the second light is made in the common rooms of the house – the living room, front door, hall, and dining room. This is because a high ceiling looks harmonious with a large quadrature. But modern engineering solutions make it possible to move away from the stereotype. Due to a large amount of glass, even a compact room with a high ceiling looks bright, light, and spacious.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

A two-story house with a second light does not necessarily require a large square. Architects and designers have learned equally well and it is useful to use space both horizontally and vertically. Niches, built-in appliances, shelves at the level of the cornice of the first floor. Here, it is possible to use every centimeter of space as rationally as possible. Competent lighting and the play of textures and materials allow you to visually distinguish between living spaces.


The panoramic view is a trend in modern luxury housing. Due to the large area of glazing, the windows of the second light offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. Therefore, such an architectural technique is especially relevant in houses in picturesque areas. To achieve maximum effect, the second light should be located on the side of a beautiful landscape – forest, mountains, pond. If this type is not there, an alternative could be a landscaped garden plot designed according to the landscape design.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

In the presented version of a two-story house, just an alternative way was used to create a spectacular view from the windows. It did not take a lot of space. A compact urban courtyard with a fairly large amount of greenery looks stylish, cozy, and environmentally friendly.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light


Modern projects of two-story houses with a second light depart from another stereotype – the shape of a room with a high ceiling does not have to be square. Due to the panoramic glazing in two tiers, the room remains bright and easy to perceive even if it is elongated, and has an irregular shape and sharp corners.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

A two-story house with a second light allows you to realize a sloping ceiling according to the attic principle, without prejudice to the user space of the lower floor. This technique will not harm the functionality of the room, unlike traditional mansard ceilings, under which it is often even inconvenient to stand to the full height, not to mention the installation of furniture and appliances. This modern layout of a two-story house with a second light with a non-standard configuration shows how useful it is to use the entire perimeter of the housing.


One of the main tasks that the second light performs is the highest quality natural lighting. The panoramic glazing of a two-story-high room has a positive effect on the emotional background of the living space. Each corner, even with a non-standard layout, will remain bright throughout the day without artificial lighting.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

Thus, a modern two-story house with a second light is associated not only with beauty, wealth, and pomposity but first of all with efficiency and functionality. Panoramic glazing in a two-light room is a large amount of light and impressive views, and ceilings 5-7 meters high not only give the house uniqueness and solidity but also make it possible to realize exclusive design ideas.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light

To apply this architectural element in a modern house, it does not have to be large. It is enough to correctly think over the glazing, lighting, and configuration of the rooms.

Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light
Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light
Modern Two-Storey House with a Second Light
Architects Julio Zegers Arquitectos
Photo Marcos Zegers

Ground Floor of a Two-Storey House 👉 Miniature does not always mean cramped and uncomfortable

An excellent example of architects addressing the challenges of our time is the first floor of this two-story building. The maximum use of living space and a small plot in a close urban development is a task that many developers and designers are faced with resolving.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding
ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding
ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

A small plot and an original solution to the plan of the first floor of a two-story house

When designing this two-story house for a young family on the shores of the Aegean Sea, the concept of creating a convenient and comfortable space for residents in the courtyard and the living rooms were taken as the basis. The cottage is divided into two spatial rooms of various sizes and design decisions.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding
ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

A white gable roof and concrete floor between the floors make the spacious ground floor stand out. Openness to these rooms is provided by sliding glass doorways that blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Above the first floor, a white weightless building hovers, as it were, the base for which are four steel beams. Snow-white floor slabs form a canopy that protects the ground floor from the excessive heat of the midday sun. They create such a welcome shadow for the summer playground, which feels like a “room” in the open. Here you can have lunch, play board games, and have a youth party.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Successful structural elements of the fence and walls of the first floor of a two-story house create a confidential and comfortable environment for the yard, green lawn, pool, and interior. Everything that happens on the first floor of the building is hidden from the eyes of neighbors.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

The project of the first floor of a two-story house, as a continuation of the open summer ground

The abundance of sun and space, combined with the elegance of reinforced concrete structures and the radiance of glass – these words best characterize not only the first floor of a two-story house but the adjoining courtyard. The common color scheme and panoramic glazing contribute to the fact that the border between the premises of the first floor and the courtyard is not felt.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding
the layout of the first floor of a two-story house
ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

This unity pushes the boundaries of a small space and introduces spatial constructivism and ease of sensations into the house. It was the spontaneity and extraordinary grace inherent in youth that the architects succeeded in translating into architects in metal and concrete.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Diverse texture materials emphasize the architectural designs. The strictness of the steel structures and the pristine cleanliness of the walls contrast with the flooring and courtyard paths of marble chips in gray-black colors. Elegance and unique style can be seen in the entire decoration of the house: from the exterior and appearance to the interior of the interior.

ground floor of a two-story house photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Worth considering! Do you want to have the same snow-white spectacular house that will be a reliable haven in the boundless sea of life? Contact a trusted company with qualified designers and designers – and a compact cottage with the original ground floor of a two-story house will make your dream of home comfort and comfort come true.

Architects buerger katsota architects 
Photo Yiorgis Yerolymbos