4+ Mobile Ultra Mini Cottages As An Example Of Modern Housing

Creative architectural firms do not stop offering ever more compact and functional miniature cottages for summer cottages. These mobile structures are much more comfortable than a tent. You can always transport them in a truck or on a car trailer to any convenient place.

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Consider 4 options for conceptual ultra-compact houses for outdoor recreation, travel, and a full life outside the city – in the middle of the forest or on the ocean coast.

Country house on wheels from Christina Christova

Almost complete suburban housing with an area of 9 square meters is built based on a car trailer. You just hook to the towbar and move anywhere.

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The peculiarity of the cottage is the possibility of transformation. Stretch the tarp and set up a covered outdoor seating area.

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In one click, transform your kitchen-living room into a double bedroom. The eco-friendly wooden structure with a panoramic window is in line with architectural trends.

ArchitectsHristina Hristova
PhotoDeyan Tomov

Three-story house for a summer residence on 8 square meters

The Allergutendinge architectural bureau managed to accommodate a kitchen of 8 square meters, a study with a window, a bedroom with a dining area, and a terrace. When disassembled, the structure is placed in a van.

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The house is designed as a three-level structure. Each level is a separate functional area from which a view of the landscapes opens.

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It is the ideal solution for those who want to spend their holidays alone with nature.


Stylized wooden house for a summer cottage of 10 m2 with amenities

With a rational design, when everything that is needed for a comfortable life fit on 10 squares, the house from Tengbom also received an ergonomic, stylish design.

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The dwelling has thought over the functionality of each element. For example, the shelves are also steps to the upper level with a berth.

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Here it turned out to make a separate dining and working table. There is enough room in the country house for 2-3 people.

PhotoBertil Hertzberg

Ultra-compact cottages 5 m2

The most creative can be considered the solution of the architectural bureau New British Design.

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The company presented an original transportable structure in the form of a futuristic capsule on supports. It is built with wood, metal, and glass. The area is only 5 sq.m.

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The object belongs to experimental architecture and is intended to be a refuge in the middle of the forest, on the coast, or among the mountains. There are places for rest, work, and a kitchen.

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With its small size, the house provides panoramic glazing and even a compact terrace at a height of a couple of meters above the ground.

ArchitectsNew British Design
PhotoGeorge Fielding Roy Riley