Impressive View House with Through Panoramic Windows

Choosing life outside the city, surrounded by forests, mountains, valleys, a person is increasingly striving to join this natural environment. Large panoramic windows with views of the area around are the best help to enjoy the views and integrate into the environment.

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Nestled in the hills in Brazil, Saymon Dall Alba Arquiteto is a prime example of how to connect your home to spectacularly beautiful landscapes. In this case, it was possible to bring the living space as close to the environment as possible, to make it practically one with nature.

Through panoramic windows as a method of integration into the environment

In a small house, we immediately see two almost completely glass walls located on opposite sides of the building. This technique allowed minimizing the influence of architecture on the environment and integrating the living space into nature as much as possible.

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The house with panoramic windows seems to be permeated with the landscape. There are no barriers protecting residents from the amazing beauty outside. At the same time, the side walls and ceiling are finished with natural materials, including wood. Due to this, the presence of nature is felt in the living space itself.

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The atmosphere of nature flows through the house. At the same time, inside it also leaves its mark and dominates thanks to the large amount of wood. And in order to further facilitate the construction, inserts were made in the side walls with high panoramic windows passing to the roof. The reception allows you to admire directly from the house not only the open spaces around, but also the sky from above.

Emphasis on the outside world through panoramic windows

The interior of the house is designed effectively, in accordance with current trends and trends. Strict designs, a minimum of decor, natural materials. But at the same time, it is concise and thought out in terms of functionality and practicality.

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The situation in the house does not draw attention to itself. The views behind the large panoramic windows remain the central aesthetic element. At the same time, you can feel home comfort and warmth here. Reliability, good quality of constructions allow you to feel safe.

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The area with a large terrace and a jacuzzi is also thought out so that a person, relaxing here, feels in the middle of nature, at a glance.

Upper level with the best view panoramic windows

The architects did not limit themselves to panoramic structures only in open social areas. The top floor with the bedroom is also created with an emphasis on view characteristics. It looks like a large glass volume, from which unobstructed panoramas open for tens of kilometers around.

house with big windows

Large panoramic windows throughout the wall became the basis of the architecture of the building. It is on them that the concept of a house on a hill is based. At the same time, living spaces received home comfort. This was achieved both thanks to warm, comfortable finishing materials and furniture, and with the help of soft, yellowish light with a temperature of 3000 K.

ArchitectsSaymon Dall Alba Arquiteto
ImagesGuilherme Jordani