33+ New & Cool Siding Ideas in a Trendy Country House Decorating

Decorating a house with siding has become a fairly practical and recommended option for decorating and protecting the facade from the influence of external factors. A wide variety of materials allows it to be used in home decoration in almost any style. But along with the established options, fashionable, new siding ideas appeared, which are mainly used in the design of trendy cottages.

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Consider the original solutions for the use of siding and in what form this cladding material has become popular in modern architecture.

A new siding idea next to age-old solutions

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Stylish, contrasting siding looks spectacular next to traditional walls, adding extraordinary and originality to the design of the building. The house is finished in such a way that a harmonious combination of construction technologies from several eras can be traced in its appearance.

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One part of the building can be traditional stone, brick, and the other is clad with siding. Now the tendency to combine the opposite in home decoration has become quite fashionable and stylish. This new idea of siding finishing allows you to visually emphasize the dynamics and progressive transition from age-old housing construction technologies to ultra-modern ones.

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This solution is also suitable for the restoration of old buildings and cottages. In this case, the house is partly left unchanged, and partly finished with innovative material.

New siding ideas are a well forgotten old

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Wood, including wood siding, is widely used in the innovative design of country houses. This material has been modernized, and instead of lining, block house, imitation of timber, flat wooden panels are now used, forming a solid, even, smooth coating.

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The metal siding has also been slightly modernized. Now more and more often, instead of imitating wood trim with metal, designers, on the contrary, focus on the roughness of metal surfaces.

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New ideas for metal siding are accent, stylish metal surfaces that are effectively combined with glass, metal frame, concrete and natural wood. Designs have become fashionable, and there is no need to disguise them under the guise of another material. Moreover, naturalness remains in the trend, so any imitation immediately devalues the result of the work of designers and architects.

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Cool Modern House Siding Ideas

The coolest siding ideas help to super effectively beat the style of the house, increase the comfort and practicality of the building. New generation cladding materials open up endless design possibilities for the owner. You can turn your cottage into a stone fortress, a conceptual minimalist object, or a dynamic, trendy structure. Siding allows you to emphasize the naturalness of the object or add manufacturability to it, focus on urbanity.

exterior siding ideas

Consider a few unusual ideas for exterior cladding of houses in modern styles and the main trends in this direction.

Cool Eco Siding Ideas

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Modern exterior decoration made of natural materials can exactly replicate stone masonry, wooden walls, metal, concrete and other structural options. The trend of integration into nature has become the reason for the popularity of natural home decoration. Walls made of polished, perfectly smooth wooden lamellas, boards look fashionable, stylish and modern.

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The coolness of the surfaces is added by coloring from fashionable, dark tones, accents and dynamics with the help of contrasts, play of textures. Gray, deep brown, woody shades, black palette are suitable here. Such an object is successfully introduced into the natural environment.

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At the same time, the trend of minimalism is observed due to brevity. The coolest siding wall decoration ideas imply neat design, practicality, reliability and comfort along with spectacular surfaces. In the context of appearance, simplicity dominates here.

Cool vertical siding ideas

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Among the trendy solutions in the design of houses in modern styles is the use of facing with a vertical orientation. This option effectively distinguishes the house against the background of the horizon, natural landscape.

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The idea of vertical siding looks creative and more modern than the usual horizontal cladding. Due to the vertical arrangement of the planks, new possibilities arise in the context of the combination and use of different materials next to each other.

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Steep vertical siding visually increases the height of the house and makes it less bulky in width. This design adds harmony to the setting of tall trees. It is also suitable for dynamic urban environments with sky-high buildings.

Unusual outdoor siding ideas for a private house

Modern ideas for outdoor siding are so diverse that they allow you to decorate the house in the most extraordinary way. You can turn your cottage into an atmospheric old building, emphasize the ultramodernity and environmental friendliness of the object in a trendy minimalist style, or emphasize the tradition of housing.

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Such wide possibilities of siding are due to the fact that it can imitate almost any finishing material from concrete and metal to aged wood or tiles.

Unusual Ideas for Antique Outdoor Siding

Aged wood siding allows you to convey the atmosphere of an old, traditional home built centuries ago. At the same time, the surface itself is distinguished by high performance qualities, is completely environmentally friendly, and the walls are insulated according to modern standards. Therefore, at first glance, dilapidated housing is distinguished by comfort and reliability.

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The idea of semi-antique outdoor siding is a rather bold and extraordinary solution that allows you to add extraordinary charm to the cottage, to create a unique, romantic atmosphere here with a touch of simplicity. The wooden surface helps to successfully beat the house in the natural environment, emphasize its comfort, coziness and safety.

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At the same time, along with the old ideas of facing external walls, you can use ultramodern solutions such as panoramic, corner windows. The house gets a special atmosphere, but at the same time it differs with new possibilities in the context of functionality and comfort.

Creative Fashion Outdoor Siding Ideas

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Accentuate the sustainability, lightness and comfort of your home with spectacular façade finishes. A wide color palette allows you to contrast the building, make it the dominant object on the site, or harmoniously integrate with the environment through the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials.

exterior house siding ideas

Siding can imitate the look of clinker bricks, tiles, shingles. The use of such cladding helps to emphasize the tradition of the house. But due to the versatility of the material, it can be used alongside innovative solutions or old construction technologies.

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The most unusual outdoor siding ideas transform the house into an original, creative object with a special atmosphere and mood. You can style it in an antique style or add an element of ultramodernity, dynamism, add to nature or contrast the building against its background, focusing on technology.