Panoramic Windows Large House Patio

The spacious two-story house is a complex of closely connected, intertwined spaces with residential, social areas, an indoor pool and a functional courtyard, equipped with a patio. Large panoramic windows on the facade have become the main tool for integrating volumes with each other.

panoramic window ideas

The project is complemented by a bridge, a perforated structure on the facade at the level of the second floor to increase the comfort and privacy of the bedrooms. The cottage is dynamic and multitasking. A large amount of greenery in the courtyard creates an atmosphere of a living garden. Accommodation is thought out for a variety of conditions and needs from parties and fun by the pool to secluded family vacations, work in a quality, cozy atmosphere.

panoramic window design

Large panoramic windows on the facade as the basis of the project

It is due to panoramic windows throughout the wall that the object is so spectacular and functional. By opening the structures, you can combine the living room, dining area and kitchen with a secluded, closed adjoining area. And on the other side, an indoor pool joins the space.

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On the side, in the form of an extension, there is a bedroom with a panoramic window on the facade and access through it to the courtyard. This creates the effect of relaxation just in nature. The yard turns out to be completely closed from external access from three sides. The only open part with a terrace overlooks the lake, which gives incredible views, fresh air.

big glass windows

The upper floors remain visible due to the site area. To preserve the privacy of the residents, but at the same time to make large panoramic windows there, they were covered with a perforated structure. This decision adds to the object of spectacularity, futurism. At the same time, the space receives a sufficient amount of daylight. Through the structure, you can observe the landscape, but the rooms are not visible from the outside.

big picture windows

Contact with nature through panoramic windows on the facade of the house

The object was designed so that the residents could retire from the noisy, bustling city and enjoy privacy. At the same time, they feel close to wildlife, they can touch it simply from living spaces, leaving the bedroom immediately onto the green grass.

huge window

This effect was achieved thanks to high-quality landscape design and landscaping. Even the roof of one-story buildings, which have access via a bridge, was used for the garden. This made it possible to create a screen covering housing from the gray city.

large front window

Large opening panoramic windows on the facade provide high ergonomics and functionality of the cottage. Here you can enjoy the comfort, nature, without leaving your home. At the same time, the spaces remain localized from the views from the outside. The owners received not just a house, but their own small world with all sorts of necessary areas and elements for a comfortable life.

room with big windows
ArchitectsShieh Arquitetos Associados
ImagesLeonardo Shieh