Plain Interior: Classic Reception With Many Modern Nuances

Interiors made with the predominance of one color or the dominance of several overlapping shades are not the invention of modern designers. Plain interiors have been used in various cultures since ancient times. New trends in architecture and design art have left their mark on the principles of organization and creative approaches to single-color interiors.

plain walls in the interior photo

the right color choice is the basis for the perception of the room

The color perception of the interior must meet several criteria:

  • harmonization of color and architectural style;
  • compliance with the shade and area of the room;
  • the commonality of the color scheme of the interior with the wishes of the residents.
plain interior of the apartment
plain room interior
solid color interior

The basic shade of the interior should not conflict with architectural design. If modern styles can withstand saturated and vibrant colors, then for the classic direction, calm tones are acceptable. A striking example of this is the presented interior of the house in pastel shades.

plain wallpaper for walls in the interior of the living room
plain sofa in the interior
plain curtains in the interior

So that the rooms, kept in the same color, do not look monotonous and boring, finishing materials of various textures and textures are used. The same shades of different materials are visually perceived differently: for example, textiles and wood of similar colors will not look the same because of the difference in the refraction of sunlight.

plain wallpaper for walls in the interior of the bedroom
plain linoleum in the interior
plain tulle in the interior photo
light plain wallpaper in the interior photo

The choice of the main color of the interior should take into account its perception in daylight and artificial lighting. The color scheme looks different in the daytime and evening, but the visual assessment should not contradict the main design goal and be pleasing to the eye.

plain curtains in the interior of the living room photo
plain carpets in the interior photo
beige plain wallpaper in the bedroom interior

Any shade has a supporting and contrasting color, thanks to which even a plain interior does not look boring and monotonous. Saturated colors are revealed when combined with contrasting shades. In this room, the beige gamut looks advantageous in combination with supporting bright colors.

plain walls in the interior how to make
plain light curtains in the bedroom interior

Use contrasting colors carefully so as not to achieve the opposite effect. Bright inappropriate tones in the interior will not always be able to refresh the room but will look flashy and burdensome design. The most successful solutions will be the use of shades according to the color palette and the use of bright colors in a metered and careful manner.

It’s important to know! Common principles of color therapy and the methods of specialists in home energy attribute certain properties to different colors: attract wealth, health, love, etc. Treat these statements with caution: if you paint the apartment in red, you will not attract eternal love, but after a week, note its increased irritability and poor sleep.

interior in one color taking into account the geographical location and design of the room

When choosing the colors of a plain interior, one should take into account climatic features and the geographical location of the house. The southern climate, rich in sunny hot days, will enhance the pleasant perception of warm yellow, orange, and pastel colors. The same tones in the harsh conditions of the north will be inappropriate. Cold shades will bring discomfort to the interior, incompatible with coziness and comfort.

однотонный диван в интерьере

The size and configuration of the room also affect the visual perception of the color scheme. A plain living room in a cramped city apartment and a spacious country cottage look different even when using similar colors. This is influenced by the size of the interior space and the intensity of daylight.

plain doors in the interior
plain doors in the interior

The design of the premises in sequential order in this building made it possible to arrange supporting accents of a plain interior from less saturated to brighter, emphasizing all the aristocracy and elegance of the design plan.