14+ Best Color Combinations for House Exteriors

To achieve a harmonious combination of colors on the facade of a house, it is important to choose the right palette, follow the rules for its use and integrate the building into the environment. The choice and combination of paints in the exterior of the house depends on the architectural style, landscape range, technical characteristics of the building, its size and purpose.

Colour Combination For House Exterior With A View Of The Landscape

For a harmonious color combination in the exterior of the house, it is worth using up to four tones. One of them should be the main one, and the rest should be auxiliary and accentuated.

colour combinations for houses

In this case, the basement and roof, as a rule, are painted in darker tones, adding expressiveness to the house, and the walls receive a light transitional shade. It should be combined with the tone of the roof and the shade of the base.

colour combination for house exterior painting

If the house is surrounded by low trees, shrubs, lush greenery, a rich natural palette is suitable for the facade and roof. The combination of brown, green, beige, white tones will give the house expressiveness, but at the same time the colors will be in harmony with the decor.

house outside colour combination

It is better to paint a house among tall coniferous trees in less catchy and bright colors. A slightly dull, greyish palette will do. And for flat terrain with a minimum number of trees or without them, bright, accent colors are suitable. In the latter case, pastel is also especially relevant.

outside house painting colour combinations

The mountainous landscape loves a dark, contrasting palette with natural hues. Gray, black, graphite, wenge tones look stylish and expressive. Near the sea, on the shore of the lake, the river will be attractive snow-white and delicate water palette. Milk, beige and bright colors also look harmonious here.

Paint combination for house exterior, depending on the architectural style

exterior colour combination for home

The next criterion that is important to consider when choosing the idea of combining colors for the exterior of a house is the architectural direction. A palette atypical for a particular style can simply ruin the appearance of a building.

Color combinations in the classics

Almost all classical directions do not tolerate abrupt transitions, and neutral white, beige shades are used as a basis. The coarse, cold scale is used less often.

house color combination outside

Accents are made with the help of decor, stucco molding. The house is made in a single general tone, and the roof and basement, the foundation are painted several semitones darker than the walls. The lightest are accent elements – window openings, entrance groups, cornices, corners, bay windows, balconies, terraces.

Trendy, minimalist, high-tech palette

This is a kind of opposite to the classics, since in these areas accents and decor are mainly done with the help of color, surface texture. In minimalism, loft, and hi-tech, ideas for combining colors in the exterior of a house imply sharp transitions from light light to deep dark tones.

colour combination for exterior

As a basis, they often take neutral, achromatic colors – white, gray, black. Brown, graphite tones are also often used, diluting them with metal, chrome elements, greenery, glass. Barn houses and country styling love dark and bright palettes, respectively.

Colors in a stylish chalet

The tone of the roof is considered accent and basic at the same time. It is the roof that acts as the main element of the chalet.

modern house outside colour combination

Mostly the roof is made dark in a natural brown, gray color. The shade of the walls is selected according to this tone, but it should be lighter.

Scandinavian colors, eco styles

A primordially natural palette was originally laid down here. The preference is given to brown, white, beige tones, diluting them with greens. Roofing, plinth should be in dark brown shades like natural wood.

exterior paint colour combination

Basically, surfaces made from natural materials are left with their natural color. It makes sense to use tinting or clear varnishes.

Exterior house color combination ideas

simple house outside colour combination

Consider fashionable options for combining tones and basic colors in the exterior of country houses.

Light, white palette

A versatile option that can be combined with most other shades. A house in white looks larger, but at the same time the shade creates a feeling of lightness, home comfort.

colour combination for front of house

A dark accent roof is suitable here, as well as pastel colors for the roof and foundation.

Brown tones in the exterior

A popular and common color combination in the exterior of a home is light, white or beige walls with accent brown roofing, window frames and a dark basement.

house outside colour combination images

Another, more modern option is a dark brown facade with even richer contrasting shades of the roof, foundation, and windows. Accent areas can be light in beige tones.

Yellow, lemon shades

These tones are used both as a basis and as accents. They are combined with brick, brown, terracotta shades.

house painting colour combinations outside

At the same time, the roof should be dark, and bright colors are used in doses, mainly in decorative structures.

Green, light green tones

Quite an extravagant option with an unusual, ecological design. The light tone should be the main one, and the decorative structures, the base of the house, the roof should be darker. Combines with beige, brown, gray shades.

outer wall colour combination

The best color combinations for the exterior of the house will help to beautifully fit it into the environment, emphasize the style of the building, achieve visual lightness or massiveness of the structure. With the help of color, you can accentuate the cottage or, conversely, add it to the landscape.