Classic Outside Corner Trim Ideas

Outside corner trim ideas help to complete and frame the facade of the building, protect it in the most vulnerable places from chips, other mechanical damage, and the influence of atmospheric precipitation. Depending on the type, such decor visually increases the height or width of the building, gives it massiveness, roughness, or emphasizes a sophisticated aristocratic look.

corner house exterior design

A house with framed corners looks neat and expressive, and its architectural features become even more noticeable and accentuated. For example, a bay window framed at the outer corners will not merge with the facade and will draw more attention to itself.

exterior corner trim ideas

The house itself gets an outline and stands out clearly against the background of the landscape.

Classic decorative rustication in the outside corner trim ideas

outside house corner design

This way of decorating corners is suitable for cases when you need to emphasize the quality of the house. The decor is an imitation of rectangular natural stone. More often the stucco elements are staggered.

exterior house corner decoration

Rust focuses on the reliability of the building structure, the traditional construction technology and strength. It reflects the age-old, well-established methods of strengthening and protecting housing from external factors, symbolizes security. And sometimes a rustic house even resembles a fortress.

Decorative pilasters in the idea of finishing external corners

outside corner trim ideas

A more sophisticated, complex and intricate option for finishing the outer corners with stucco moldings became corner pilasters. These constructions emphasize the elegance of the architecture and the high status of the owners. Together with cornices in the appropriate style, they form a single decorative pattern around the perimeter of the facade, framing it.

outside corner trim ideas

Pilasters visually increase the height of the house. They create a slightly fabulous, romantic atmosphere, transforming an ordinary classic cottage into a palace. Like the previous finish, the pilasters are expressive and contrasting. Such framing does not go unnoticed and adds a special charm to the house.

outside corner trim ideas

Sometimes architects combine both types of corner finishes in the same house. This design combines elegance with durability and safety.

outside corner trim ideas

Outside corner trim ideas with stucco molding are suitable for those who prefer classics in the design of the facade of their homes and strive to focus on architecture, not adapting it to the environment, but contrasting the object against the background of the landscape. Corner decoration with stucco molding is a tool to enhance the expressiveness and beauty of the cottage.

outside corner trim ideas