How is Organic Interior Design Different From Eco Style?

What is an organic interior, and how does it differ from the traditional ecological environment. The main qualities of organic design.

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Environmental friendliness is a trend in the design of modern interiors. But the simple use of natural materials, natural textiles, finishes has become scarce. The architectural bureau Lorna de Santos presented an organic interior – a deeper look at the eco-style.

deep nature motives – modern organic interiors

Unlike the usual eco-direction, in which it is enough to use natural materials for decoration, furniture, decor, the organic style in the interior is a living and inanimate nature, as well as an emphasis on natural motifs. Wooden surfaces should not only reflect naturalness in the texture, but also be more consistent in their forms and tactile qualities.

Organic Interior Design

An example of deep natural motifs in the presented organic interior was the countertop along the wall. It is not just made of wood, but repeats its shape, reflects the structure of the trunk – it seems that nature itself formed the atmosphere, penetrated into space.

Organic Interior Design

organic modern interior design – maximum rationality

Each element of the environment should have a functional purpose. Style implies the use of only the most necessary – something that cannot be dispensed with indoors.

Organic Interior Design

An exception are living plants. Flowers in flowerpots are an indispensable attribute of an organic interior. In the presented environment, designers used a more spectacular option – a miniature tree. Living plants are a symbol of organic interior. It was the tree that became the basis for this trend and is associated with wildlife.

modern organic style interior design – smoothness, simplicity of forms and naturalness of light

Naturalness must be traced in detail. In nature, there is mainly no straightforwardness and symmetry characteristic of most modern interiors. It is characterized by randomness, tortuous lines, smooth transitions. Designers adhered to the same principles when creating the decor. Curved lines, asymmetry can be traced in furniture – sofa, tables, chair, the location of these elements of the interior.

Organic Interior Design

Lighting should be as close as possible to natural insolation. In this case, the temperature of the light in the room corresponds to sunset – this is emphasized by the illumination under the ceiling. A fireplace stylized as a natural bonfire also emphasizes the evening atmosphere. If desired, in the room you can achieve bright daylight.

Organic Interior Design

Organic interior reflects the deep philosophy of nature – this is not just an environmentally friendly environment, but the embodiment of self-sufficiency and harmony of the world. An atmosphere of primitiveness has been created here, but with modern comfort. Minimalism can be traced in all its glory – in the room there is only the most necessary.

ArchitectsLorna de Santos
PhotoNacho Uribe Salazar