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Exotic Single Story Bungalow House

Single Story Bungalow House
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When you hear the word “bungalow”, a picture of a small house on the ocean with a reed roof immediately appears in your head. Such classic options are of course in architectural design, but modern trends offer a more modern and comfortable one-story bungalow house. Look at the cottage in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil and make sure that this accommodation has a special atmosphere.


Two brothers of creative professions simply could not help but live in the bustle of the city, so a special kind of house was developed for them. Visually, it seems that the bungalow has a fully open layout and blends with the surrounding nature. This was facilitated by glazed doors, panoramic windows, facade glazing and the use of only natural materials.

In the classical sense, the bungalow has a one-story layout, where there are:

  • Living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Bedroom;
  • Bathroom;
  • Terrace.

Construction planned in such a way that fully incorporates the natural energy sources, conditioning of nature. The roof with a slope contributes to the maximum illumination in the house, it is especially important in the winter, when the room is warm. The vegetation of the garden does not obscure the spacious rooms, but rather allow the sun’s rays to illuminate the space.


Mexican-style building decoration involves the installation of a flat roof, a natural wood finish, equipping the terrace with swimming pool, large windows. Such projects of single-story bungalow houses are simple, but at the same time elite. So the Brazilian house architects opted for a wooden roof, furniture, decor elements.

A feature of the bungalow was the use of not a simple earthen wall technique. Mixed land with water and cement destroys the myth of surface roughness. Perfectly smooth texture with a slight roughness of the walls reconnects with the natural landscape, and a gentle brown tint only enhances this effect.

Important! Wall decoration made from compressed earth is intended for beach houses in hot climatic zones. The soil does not absorb heat, keeps cool in the summer and a favorable microclimate in the winter.


The photo shows that the whole house is saturated with creativity and love of nature. The absence of partitions, complex structures allows you to completely relax and be inspired by new ideas. Each room has an open passage to the outer part; for this, panoramic glazing of the front wall to the southern part is used.

Another feature that catches your eye is the unusual round windows with shutters. They are designed to provide natural air circulation and indoor air conditioning.

The interior is thought out in the form of organic design, where the natural environment passes into the interior. The color scheme of surfaces and the use of wood in all details became a manifestation of an unusual style.

A beautiful and light one-story bungalow house has become a full, comfortable housing. A separate attraction is its amazing terrace, surrounded by exotic plants in the garden and a large pool.

Architects Argus Caruso – arquitetura e construção
Photo Gustavo Uemura