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ArtFacade » Barn Style Homes – What is it? Benefits & Features

Barn Style Homes – What is it? Benefits & Features

Barn style homes – private housing, which appeared through the conversion of a barn, a barn for living space. This style of house building is relatively new, and appeared at the end of the last century. The peculiarity of such houses in the simplicity of forms, the presence of a gable roof and windows from the end walls.


Ease and routine have become fashionable trends in homebuilding. Along with this, housing, as close as possible to primitiveness and everyday life, was popularized. This primarily includes rural, simple, environmentally friendly real estate. But architects interpret it in modern styles, shifting the model of minimalism, hi-tech and loft to traditional housing. The barnhouse-style house design by Paul Uhlmann Architects became an example of how the motives of rural housing construction can be played out in a new generation cottage.

Consider the features of architecture and design of the object.


The front facade of the cottage is completely glazed. This gives a feeling of freedom, spaciousness and openness. This technique attaches housing to the outside world. And since the barnhouse-style house project is made from environmentally friendly materials – mainly from wood – integration with the natural environment turned out to be more useful than ever.

At the same time, the facade was created with an emphasis on rustic style. Wooden beams, wood inserts emphasize the simplicity of the object. Due to larch decoration, the appearance of the barn building repeats rural motifs.

But at the same time its functionality is made in a modern manner:

  • opening structures for combining internal and external spaces;
  • simple, straight lines with virtually no decor and concise forms;
  • visual openness of housing and direct contact with nature.

Barn style house plans is a combination of tradition and simplicity with ultramodernity.


Once inside the house, the owners are even more immersed in the atmosphere of rural barn housing:

  • walls of wooden boards;
  • high ceilings with exposed beams;
  • wooden structures instead of partitions and columns;
  • stone floors;
  • simple low furniture made from natural materials;
  • metal, wood, glass and stone in decoration, structures, decor.

Architects have provided lighting around the perimeter of the main social space, which in the evening illuminates the house by the type of candles on the walls. The appropriate light temperature provides a warm, homely and cozy atmosphere.

The house focuses on the strength and practicality of structures. As in traditional rural housing, everything should have practical application here. Moreover, the quality factor of each element is almost the main requirement for the situation.

The modern design of the house in the style of Barnhouse reflects the symbiosis of cultures of different generations. Residents of the cottage will be able to experience the authentic atmosphere of living in a solid rural house of the past centuries, but at the same time they receive all the benefits of civilization and the benefits of ultranova architecture.

ArchitectsPaul Uhlmann Architects
PhotoAndy Macpherson Studio


Architectural Lendager Group Office presented the project of modern barn house. The architects improved the design a bit, added elements that turned this housing into a comfortable mansion. Consider the difference between this type of real estate on the example of the presented barn house project.


Barn house – a conceptual solution, characterized in architectural design, typical for non-residential buildings. It is suitable for decisive people who are not afraid to stand out from the masses. In the architecture of the house in question, the following main features of the barn are traced:

Gable roof

This is a required attribute of a barn house. In contrast to the barn under the gable roof, there is not an attic, but a living space. This technique allows you to make the room more spacious and more open – the feeling of tightness disappears, the ceiling and walls do not crush.

Original layout and design

Instead of accommodating all the rooms in one building, the architects proposed constructing five connected buildings, creating the appearance of several barn houses. Each of them has a specific functional purpose – a kitchen-dining room, 3 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Residential areas in the house are not located as in a traditional cottage, but one after the other – as the barn buildings used to be. It seems that these are independent residential properties located next to each other.

Panoramic glazing

Especially prominent element in the house is its panoramic windows. This is a truly modern architectural technique. But it looks quite stylishly and harmoniously in a house stylized as rural housing of past centuries. Panoramic windows have become part of the adaptation of the barn to modern trends.

Cleanliness, safety and environmental friendliness

When designing the five connected buildings, the architects took into account the natural environment surrounding Copenhagen. This is where the cottage is built. The houses blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. They are built of dark wood, therefore combined with the old forest.

To achieve the effect of antiquity, a barn-type house was built using recycled materials. Including wood waste, old brick. Thus, the house among the old, lush greenery became not a contrasting spot, but an element of harmony. Here you can feel a special rural atmosphere, here you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


In the presented barn house, the style of the traditional bar-house is maximally observed – the loft, bio-tech and minimalism are intertwined. In this case, the following features are traced:

Styling under the barn

Open beams, stone-styled floors, lots of wood and a minimum of decor. To emphasize the appropriate style, metal lamps with an original design help. In such a house, residents feel the closest approach to pristine nature. It moves away from urbanization and returns to the old, but modern, comfortable European village.

Modern comfort

Architects managed to achieve home comfort and coziness. The house has a large amount of light due to panoramic glazing and plentiful, thought-out artificial lighting. Recreation areas are equipped with comfortable furniture. The walls and floors in the recreation areas are made in bright, pleasant colors. The bathroom is spacious and equipped with the best plumbing premium brands. An obligatory element of ancient country housing can be considered a fireplace. In this house, he becomes the central element of the living room.

High ceilings and second light

Ceiling in the house follows the shape of a gable roof. The beams on which the rafter system is mounted are intentionally not sewn up and left in sight as an element of the interior. This design made it possible to realize a second light in the premises. Housing is suitable for lovers of open bright space.

Modern barn houses are far from converted barns, but expensive, designer housing. It corresponds to the current trends in architecture, differs in spaciousness, comfort, environmental friendliness, impressive interior and facade design. All these features are present in the fashion design of the barn house from the Lendager Group.

Architects Lendager Group
Photo Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST


Architects FIGR Architecture & Design
Area110.0 m2
Photo Tom Blachford


Modern Barn House is a one-story house, the idea for the construction of which was the conversion of the hangar into a residential building. Here are just modern objects of this type are not much like sheds. It is rather an elite, spacious housing, in which the main features of farm buildings remain – spaciousness, high ceilings, environmental friendliness and location surrounded by nature.

A vivid example of a Modern Barn House was the house of the Three Sixty Architecture architectural bureau. As befits such a mansion, it is located on a plain surrounded by mountains. The effect of the landscape is enhanced by the fact that the area is completely devoid of urban elements. Consider the features of a barnhouse:

greatest environmentality

Modern Barn House must be natural. It is built from natural materials – wood, metal, stone. It also shows proximity to nature as in a color palette – it harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.

Emphasis on environmental friendliness is made in the engineering of the barnhouse. The house is as localized as possible from centralized systems. To increase energy efficiency and minimize operating costs, it created the conditions for maintaining a pleasant microclimate, using the energy of the sun.

quality insolation

Modern Barn House is a one-story building with the highest quality daylight. It is achieved due to the large area of glazing. This house has panoramic double-glazed windows. In addition to high-quality light, floor windows provide openness and good viewing characteristics – also typical features of a hangar house.

Exterior walls in the draft Barnhouse almost completely replaced glass. And thanks to its location on a hill, the windows open up to landscapes in all directions and into the courtyard.

modern barn style homes

To achieve even better daylight, glass doors are installed in the house. On the terrace side, sliding panoramic structures are made, opening which the internal living area is practically combined with a place to relax on the street.

high ceiling and double roof

Modern Barn House project necessarily involves the arrangement of a gable roof. At the same time, the room itself does without a horizontal ceiling, and they also make it in the shape of the roof – at an angle. Inside the house, this allows you to achieve the effect of the hangar.

Loft-style high ceiling allows for unconventional architectural ideas, increase the glass area, to make the space a spacious and open. This is one of the main elements of such housing.

no decor

Barnhouse in the style combines the features of minimalist loft, Scandinavian and eco-destinations. Here, the priority is straightforwardness, an almost complete absence or minimal amount of decorative elements. The hangar, first of all, should be spacious and practical. Therefore, such features dominate in the Modern Barn House.

Thus, the Modern Barn House is a spacious, expensive housing, corresponding to the advanced modern architectural directions and interior styles. Housing created on the basis of the hangar has become comfortable and safe for living for both a couple of residents and a large family. Barnhouse is suitable for seasonal living surrounded by nature and for permanent living.

Architects Three Sixty Architecture
Photo Simon Devitt


Creators of the 2 story barn house claim they were inspired by childhood memories. That is how the youngest artists portray houses: a square wall with a door and a window and a triangular roof from above. A barn-type house with its simple forms and simple decoration is still a dwelling with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

architectural features of the 2 story barn house

Designing a house in the form of a barn did not in the least deprive it of its external appeal and uniqueness. The different shades of gray and pastel colors used in the decoration of the facade give the house a restrained and fashionable look. Driveways and paths in deep gray colors emphasize its English aristocracy and visually elevate above the surrounding houses.

Second floor of the building with a solid glazed facade looks sophisticated and modern, allowing sunlight to freely illuminate living rooms. It adds some weightlessness to the facade and the transparent fencing of the balcony. The successful use of facade gardening smooths out clear geometric shapes and creates a comfortable home environment.

Sophisticated simplicity of a barn-type house is emphasized by the successful lighting of the entire space. Despite the fact that inexpensive and economical materials were used to decorate the facade, it looks quite expensive. This is a corner of home warmth and hospitality among the gray urban monotony.

Sophistication and Comfort of the Interior Design of a 2 story barn house

Thanks to the panoramic glazing of the sliding doors, the architects and builders of the barn-type house not only managed to achieve maximum natural light, but also opened a beautiful green lawn for residents: the creation of landscape designers. Directly from these doors we find ourselves inside a house where comfort, convenience and coziness reigns.

Noble gray tones of decoration and spacious rooms continue the general line of architectural design. The center of this idea was the open plan area of the living-dining room, in which the feeling of freedom and spaciousness does not leave. Here, each family member will feel comfortable and find something to their liking.

Glazing to the floor in each room makes all rooms bright regardless of the gray palette of finishing materials. The constant flow of fresh air provides a good solution for ceilings with opening transoms in the intermediate rooms.

Due to the abundant natural light, well-chosen lamps and unusual furniture, every corner of the 2 story barn house is a unique place for rest and leisure.

Small winter garden in the living room blurs the boundaries between the exterior and interior of the original barn-type house. It complements the original furniture and spotlights in golden color, giving the impression of a luxurious setting.

Note! Designing a barn-type house is designed to make maximum use of usable space in small construction sites. Therefore, it’s best to turn to specialists for help in creating the project and putting it into practice, then every centimeter of the area will find useful use.

Architects Simple Projects Architecture
Photo Mansyur Hasan


Project of a one-story house in the style of a barnhouse is a classic example of this trend and combines the architectural solutions of such relevant concepts in construction and design as a loft and minimalism.

barn style tiny house – architectural specifics of the project

Design of this house contains all the basic architectural solutions for buildings in this style:

  • clear geometric shape of the building;
  • gable roof without plumb;
  • open terraces, which are located near the house;
  • spacious front door;
  • laconic finish of simple natural materials.

Located near a natural reservoir, the Barnhouse-style house, as it were, grows out of the gray rocky shore of the lake. This feeling is enhanced by gray colors and wooden walls and roofing materials, as well as the use of natural stone in the arrangement of the patio. A wide steel-colored facade board gives the house a natural look and at the same time is a safe and environmentally friendly building material.

Wide sliding glazed front door does not fall out of the general concept of the barnhouse style. Panoramic windows and a platform, along with all shades of gray in the decoration of walls, steps and garden paths create a single architectural ensemble. From every small architectural trifle, it restrains restraint and nobility. Successful landscaping, natural pristine trees on the lake will make your stay here enjoyable and beneficial for all family members.

Completeness and laconic rigor gives the appearance of the building a darker frame of window frames. Through the glazed large window openings, enough sunlight and freshness of the lake’s water surface get into the interior.

tiny barn house plans – internal design and barnhouse style

Asceticism and the severity of lines inherent in this trend in architecture prevail in all areas of the house. Zoning of living space is achieved by various visual tricks: the difference in the level of flooring, the use of furniture, partitions, stair rails and rafters.

All shades of gray and wooden finishing materials smoothly migrated from the exterior of the building to the interior rooms, creating a sense of unity of style and space.

Successful interior of the house enhances the abundant natural lighting with white walls and ceilings. Some elements of furniture and black lamps serve as original dark color accents in the design of the premises. Natural white oak flooring is a calming and unifying element.

From the attic, made in the same style of barnhouse and color scheme with the entire interior of the house, offers a unique view of the lake and green surroundings. The glazed upper observation deck, made in the prototype of the “tree house” hangs slightly above the lower terrace. Standing on this site, you seem to soar above the natural beauties surrounding the house.

Strict simple forms and asceticism of a one-story house in the style of a barnhouse are the best option for a country house, which should not fall out of the general architectural line of the rural region.

Note! When designing and building a house in close proximity to natural reservoirs, it is necessary to take into account many factors, including distance from the coastline, buoyancy of soils and climatic features. That is why it is better to entrust a proven and reliable construction company.

Architects Christopher Simmonds Architect
Photo James Brittain Photography

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