How to Build a Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

The Krafna architectural bureau presented a small 1-storey stone house with an attic area of 45 sq.m. It was built on the territory of a former vineyard in Portugal and outwardly fully corresponds to the traditional local housing – small windows, compactness, stone walls, roof tiles. But at the same time, housing is adapted to the needs of residents of the XXI century.

Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

Let’s take a look at the techniques that helped achieve this.


Externally, the house is almost authentic to a rural hut, but inside it opens up an ergonomic, stylish space. Architects and designers have refused to use country or barn house here. Such areas are not as rational and functional as minimalism and hi-tech, they require large areas.

Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

In a 1-storey stone house with an attic, ultra-modern techniques and technologies for home furnishing are optimally fitted. Compact, stylish and functional kitchen, lack of decor, light colors of finishes that compensate for not the best lighting through small window openings. Fashionable materials, including marble in the kitchen.


The main task was to place everything you need for a comfortable stay on a compact living space. The rooms were not cluttered, visually bright and spacious. At the same time, they managed to establish everything that is needed for a married couple.

Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

The attic was taken as a cozy small bedroom. There was enough space for a bed, and nothing more was added. To prevent the bedroom from becoming a cramped box, on one side it was left almost open. But due to its special location, it remains localized from the rest of the space. In principle, a door in the bedroom is not needed, since the house is designed for a couple. A separate hallway, storage room in the house was abandoned to save space. The kitchen and living room form a studio.


Since the house has few windows and they are small, the entrance doors were made of glass. Externally, they literally replace small glazing in the floor, providing openness, visual expansion of the space and a sufficient amount of daylight.

Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

In a compact 1-storey stone house with an attic inside, practically nothing remains of the traditional rural architecture. Ergonomic layout, rational use of space, and fashionable design in minimalism turned the outwardly modest building into a comfortable home for a couple.

PhotoFábio Veríssimo Santos