White Farmhouse Interiors after Restoration

Decorating an interior in white is a way to bring a modern, trendy look to a home with an outdated configuration. Basically, the rooms in old houses are not the most spacious, and due to the small size of the window openings, they are also not sufficiently illuminated by daylight. White color in the interior allows you to visually enlarge the premises, make them light and get rid of stiffness.

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This technique was used by the specialists of the architectural bureau Sebastian Arquitectos during the restoration of a small, old house with an area of 90 sq.m.

White interior as a way to play with space

The main task of the architects and designers was to improve the ergonomics of the space in the cramped old house and expand it visually. Color has become one of the main tools for this. By using a monotonous white tone on the walls, ceiling, structures and furniture, the rooms were made light and filled with light.

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Along with this, it was decided to remove all unnecessary partitions in the house. But due to the peculiarities of the architecture of old buildings, almost all walls are load-bearing. Therefore, simply removing them would not work. The architects envisioned metal supporting frames with supports in places where the walls used to be.

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Having painted them in the same white color, it was possible to integrate such a solution into the atmosphere as harmoniously as possible. Moreover, the supports provided visual zoning and separation of different functional parts of the house.

How we managed to preserve the flavor in a modern interior in white colors

Despite the fact that the furnishings were remade in a modern manner, they applied a fashionable Scandinavian style here, practically did not use decor, the atmosphere of a comfortable, old house is felt in the house. This was achieved by adapting some elements to new trends. Among them are brickwork, beams under the ceiling, supports.

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The interior of the bedroom in white tones was completely modernized, leaving nothing of the past. And in the living room and kitchen-dining room, we took care of the color. Instead of hiding brick structures and wooden beams from view, they were simply adapted to the new environment. This added a special charm and homeliness to the housing.

Images for White Farmhouse Interiors

The interior in white tones has become the basis for the transformation of an old house into a fashionable home. The mansion of the middle of the last century received a new look and became comfortable for a modern family, while retaining its aesthetics and flavor.

ArchitectsSebastian Arquitectos
PhotoIrene Ruiz Bazán