The Most Beautiful Small House in the Wild

Modern ideas of sustainable, nature-integrated housing go beyond the boundaries of understanding in the context of traditional architecture. We receive volumes and spaces from natural materials that closely coexist with trendy solutions such as panoramic glazing and open floor plans. And at the same time, they are intertwined with wildlife, the environment. The most beautiful small house on the slope combines new ideas and age-old building techniques from wood, stone. The house, like a cave, grows up the mountain, but at the same time its primitiveness is intertwined with innovative, technological methods.

We meet, as absurd as it may sound, a premium class hut. Discover the atmosphere of primitiveness and comfort, divorced from civilization, mixed with modern convenience.

Extraordinary most beautiful small house

The main feature of the project was the rejection of the usual construction technologies and architectural concepts. Wallmakers bureau specialists have created a truly conceptual object. It pulls us out not so much from the city, but from civilization in general, and takes us thousands of years back. In truth, not everyone will like the idea. But those who appreciate color and comfort will be delighted with this cottage.

Do you think this is extraordinary? A little past. This can be called an incredibly bold and impressive solution for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of age-old solutions in the context of housing.

The interior of the most beautiful small house is complemented by furniture from different centuries. Next to the new sofa in a minimalist style, we see an old bench carved from a solid log. Stone walls, fireplace, wooden plank floors, ceiling of their logs, sticks and brushwood create the feeling of being in a cave. But next to the stone wall, panoramic glazing is installed, through which a view of the mountains, the valley, and the city opens.

The most beautiful small house with the most beautiful view

most beautiful small house in the world

Inside the building, you seem to be floating in the clouds. The house breaks out from the cliff, forming its peak. Due to this location and openness towards the panorama, you seem to fly over the landscape.

beautiful small houses in the world

The house is exclusively disguised in nature and creates a special flavor here. It is adapted to the terrain without affecting the landscape at all. But at the same time, all conditions for comfort have been created in the housing with a spacious bathroom, a view living room, a secluded bedroom. All of this is carefully hidden from outside views, although from the inside these spaces offer incredible views towards the horizon above the exotic forest. Being in such an environment, you are in the wild, untouched nature, fully feeling its atmosphere, but in comfort and complete safety.

beautiful small mountain homes

An incredible, most beautiful small house connects two worlds – in fact, you are inside, on the edge of a cliff, but you feel as if you are floating above the clouds. At the same time, there are solutions from two opposite periods of architecture. Some relate to innovative solutions for the future, while others repeat the ideas of primitive people, when they just started to equip shelters from predators and bad weather.

ImagesSyam Sreesylam