101+ Best Wooden Exterior Design Ideas

Wooden exterior design stands as a testament to timeless elegance and natural beauty, seamlessly blending with the environment while offering warmth and character to any architectural style. This approach to exterior design celebrates the versatility of wood, a material renowned for its durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. From rustic cabins nestled in the heart of nature to sleek, modern homes that showcase the sophistication of clean lines and minimalist principles, wooden exteriors offer a breadth of design possibilities that can be tailored to reflect individual tastes and blend with the surrounding landscape. The best wooden exterior design ideas explore the harmonious balance between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation, creating spaces that are both inviting and impressive.

The allure of wooden exterior design lies in its ability to adapt to various architectural styles while maintaining a connection to the natural world. Wood’s natural texture and color palette bring a sense of warmth and comfort that is often missing in other materials, making it a favored choice for creating welcoming home facades. Whether it’s through the use of cedar shingles, oak cladding, or reclaimed wood accents, each wooden element contributes to a rich tapestry of design that speaks to both heritage and modernity. These designs not only pay homage to the beauty of natural materials but also demonstrate how wood can be used innovatively to meet modern design expectations.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of contemporary wooden exterior design. Advances in treatment methods and construction technologies have enhanced wood’s durability and resistance to the elements, making it a more viable and eco-friendly option for exterior applications. The use of sustainably sourced wood and energy-efficient design principles underscores a commitment to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing aesthetic appeal and functionality. This focus on sustainability not only aligns with current trends towards eco-conscious living but also ensures that wooden exterior designs are both beautiful and beneficial for the planet.

Exploring the best wooden exterior design ideas reveals a world where creativity meets sustainability, resulting in homes that are not just dwellings but expressions of artistry and environmental stewardship. These designs encourage a deeper appreciation for the material’s natural beauty and its capacity to transform the built environment. As we delve into various wooden exterior concepts, from the traditional to the avant-garde, it becomes clear that wood, in all its forms, holds the key to creating exterior spaces that are harmonious, sustainable, and uniquely tailored to the lives of those who inhabit them. The journey through wooden exterior design is one of discovery, where each project unveils new possibilities for integrating beauty, functionality, and ecological sensitivity into the places we call home.


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If you want to give your country cottage a unique and warm appearance – trim the exterior of the house with wood. This is one of the most popular finishing materials from the most ancient times and does not lose its relevance in modern construction.

features of finishing external structures with wood

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Wooden surfaces give the building a presentable appearance and combine perfectly with various architectural styles and modern building materials. Panoramic glazing, reinforced concrete structures, or brickwork in combination with wood acquires a soft and bright sound.

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Depending on the type of wood, its texture, and its natural shade, you can give the house the desired mood. The white palette of wood creates a bright and tender space that looks somewhat defenseless among natural green vegetation.

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The ecological purity and safety of a tree for human health are one of the main criteria when choosing a material for modern construction. Due to its natural beauty and versatility, this material is used not only for wall decoration but also for the manufacture of garden furniture, and design elements.

Wood facade house 👉 a variety of wooden finishes in architecture

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A variety of wooden finishes allow you to create completely different structural forms: from solid and massive parts to openwork and air elements. Wooden structures are a great way to mask minor defects of a building, equipment of an additional heat-insulating layer, and protect from adverse external factors.

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As blinds that protect windows from direct sunlight, a design of wooden planks matching the white walls of the facade can be used. The choice of fixing wooden parts will depend on the structural features of the building and the main requirement is the safety and reliability of the structure.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The choice of wood on the facade of the house is made by the architectural concept and the wishes of future residents. Whatever type of finish the choice falls on: a block house, wooden siding or shingles, lining or timber, it is worthwhile to provide for the protection of the tree from the adverse effects of the external environment, moisture, and mold, so that the surfaces have a presentable and attractive appearance for a long time.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

It is especially important to apply the treatment of wooden surfaces with moisture-proof impregnations and paints when equipping pools, saunas, or bathrooms.

When using wood on the facade of the building and when cladding the internal walls, it is important not only to observe the general design line, but also the right choice of fixing wooden parts. For each type of wooden finish, a special type of fastening is used: with the use of lathing for self-tapping screws, staples, nails, directly on the plastered layer or on the prepared frame.

ArchitectsKengo Kuma and Associates
PhotoKawasumi ・ Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office


The fact that the wooden facade cladding has long secured leadership in the methods of exterior decoration will not be a discovery for anyone. Despite the innovative proposals of materials and exterior decoration options, people prefer to surround themselves with naturalness. Surprise potential customers for the project can only be grandiose ideas on the play of the material and its combination with other elements.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade
[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade
[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

An amazing house-office is located in the middle of a vineyard in the Austrian city of Krems an der Donau. The moral principles and philosophy of the life of a young startup’s family have completely determined the design and choice of materials for building and decorating the house. The main priority is natural building materials, the clarity of geometric shapes, and the absence of non-standard lines.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The whole house and buildings are saturated with the smell of wood fiber. Environmentally friendly panels only emphasized the aristocracy and simplicity of the design at the same time. To prevent the wooden cladding of the facade and interior from looking too intrusive against the background of the natural environment, metal supports, partitions, and the terrace of the second floor were used.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The natural texture of the tree in its gentle brown shade creates clarity and rationality of the forms due to the black facade elements – the roof, window frames, and partial finishing of the first level. Laconicism of forms is also highlighted by a non-standard choice of window structures. Angular panoramic glazing alternates with oblong window openings, which creates a feeling of imbalance. This choice allowed us to optimally saturate the sleeping area with solar lighting and to retire in the work office. And the French windows only bring tenants closer to the generous vineyards.

Wood on house exterior 👉 a classic of the genre of architecture

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

When working in the house, you need to comfortably distribute the total space. Regardless of whether the premises are intertwined or not, the harmony of natural materials will always reign in them. Natural finish favorably affects the residents of the house, its guests, as well as business partners.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The first floor of the housing is reserved for the living room, large dining room, and kitchen, while the second has a recreation area. In the additional annex, there is a great place for business meetings and office space for comfortable work. Wood is not only the environmental aspect of the cladding but also the insulating component of the structure.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Whatever experiments architects go for, the wooden facade cladding will never lose its relevance. Despite the severity and rigidity of the external shape of the house, its exterior is ideally softened by the beautiful texture of natural material.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

For wood trim, lining, siding, block house can be used. The choice of a particular type of cladding should be characterized by the climate of the region, the features of the structural part of the house to ensure a favorable microclimate and durability of the structure.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade
ArchitectsAtelier Gitterle
PhotoHertha Hurnaus


The presentation and aesthetics of the appearance give the facade of a house made of wood. This type of decoration of the external walls creates a cozy suburban home harmonious with the surrounding landscape and as close to nature as possible.

Wooden cladding for exterior walls 👉 combination of functionality and natural warmth

Facade decoration is always the hallmark of the house and its owner. Wooden exterior walls along with many functional and operational advantages give the house a noble and warm look. The building fits into the natural environment, echoing the preserved natural landscape and views of the water surface of the lake. The wooden building, located on a hilltop, has several blurry outlines against the backdrop of natural beauty due to the natural decoration of the walls.


Wooden surfaces are combined with all architectural styles and with any building materials, which serves as an excellent background for a variety of design decisions. The industrial notes of glass, metal, plastic, and stone are smoothed out by the warm natural palette of wood. Uncomplicated forms of the house, with clear geometric shapes, thanks to large windows do not look strict and gloomy. A compact house from the outside looks bright and spacious.


The facade of the house made of wood allows you to hide the imperfections and irregularities of the walls, load-bearing structures, and heat or sound insulation materials. The tree protects the outer walls from the negative effects of the external environment while maintaining its environmental properties and a respectable appearance. The simplicity and ease of installation of wooden finishes make this building material extremely popular among homeowners of any income.


Wooden surfaces have several drawbacks that should be considered when using it: combustibility, susceptibility to decay and moisture. The use of special impregnating mixtures will protect the tree from such negative phenomena. An innovation in the building materials market is thermo-modified wood panels that are treated with high pressure and are resistant to humid environments, rot and pests.

spacious and bright interior with a predominance of wood trim

Logically, the predominance of wood in the exterior of the house continues this wooden idyll in the interior. The warm structure and pastel shades of wood make the whole room home-like cozy and comfortable.

Large windows provide all rooms with sunlight and warmth, while wooden furniture and flooring emphasize unity with the natural splendor outside the window.

Wooden elements of the interior and the facade of the house made of wood create not only a coordinated and integral unity of the exterior and interior of the building but also a protected and secluded atmosphere in all rooms.

ArchitectsCumulus Studio  Keith Westbrook
PhotoAdam Gibson


This cutting-edge wooden home is located on a narrow stretch of the west coast of Seattle, Washington. It was designed to realize environmentally friendly functions without compromising its artistic qualities. An environmentally friendly waterfront home is designed with unique features such as a reflective pool powered by a gutter. And this is just one of the many small details of the project used in this house.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Basalt boulders hanging in the air are mounted on stainless steel posts submerged beneath the surface of the water.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The south side of that wooden house offers breathtaking mountain views. And the north side and its reflecting pool provide an atmosphere for meditation.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The facade of this modern wooden house is covered in red cedar with two different profiles and two different textures. A sustainable and energy-efficient house is insulated 40% more than is required for the characteristics of this area. The house was also pre-connected to the photovoltaic panels on the roof. There is a car charging station in the garage.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Exclusive gates welcome guests at the entrance. The rusty steel structure was embellished with waterjet cutting, and the voids abstractly represent brush strokes.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

At the entrance to the house, a wall cabinet made of beech wood continues the design of the gate with a milling oceanic pattern called “Imaginary landscape”.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Right around the corner from the entrance to the living room there are exposed wooden beams and glass walls with panoramic lake views.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Everywhere radiator hydraulic heating systems offer the homeowner lower operating temperatures with a higher comfort factor.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The fireplace continues the theme of natural materials in its rusty sheet steel and concrete facade.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Large window openings provide natural daylight and ventilation, while generous roof overhangs protect from the sun and rain. Windows also have a UV protection function.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

As with the wardrobe, the kitchen has certified beech wood with the same milling “Imaginary landscape”.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

All lighting used in the house is LED. A proper plumbing system is all that is needed to conserve water.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Mastery in detail is exemplary.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

A staircase with wooden elements has the same attention to detail as wooden surfaces. On it, you can see the same pattern as on the entrance gate, only in the reverse order.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Each step is a solid wood slab mounted on a steel plate, which is then bolted to steel stringers.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The railing is connected in one solid line of the tree, which bends in the direction of change of the stairs.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Upstairs, the luxury room is surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling glass.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The master bathroom has storage drawers with a natural wood texture going up from the bottom drawer to the top.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The second bathroom went from wooden cabinets in favor of the stainless steel sink located in front of the frosted window. To hang a mirror above the sink, the architect deftly hung it from the ceiling.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade


This small, beautiful and inexpensive wooden country house undoubtedly creates an A-frame design thanks to the curved profile of the front glazing.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Designed and built by architect Jean-Baptiste Barach, it is located in the tiny city of Normandy in Auroville, France, among farmland.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The project was conceived as an experiment for living in the wilderness but became practically suitable for the house of the architect and his wife, as well as a resting place for family and friends.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Lacking electricity and heating, the house becomes cold inside during the cold season. ArtFacadertheless, to be close to nature and have a kind of old-fashioned way of life is worth it.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

In his childhood, Jean-Baptiste lived in the barn of his house, and he was used to cold nights. In the end, the design project of this house was inspired by sheds.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The architect built the house himself, except for the frame – this was done by the local builder of the sheds. Thus, this is not only a home but also a do-it-yourself project that required 18 months from it and a budget of $ 105,000.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The living area is almost 2,000 square meters. Ft. (including two main floors plus an attic on the 3rd floor). Own wood burning stove gives heat from the ground floor to the sleeping quarters upstairs through a clay brick chimney. There is a solar battery that allows you to work on a computer.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

An impromptu A-frame sits on concrete supports and is covered with red cedar tiles outside and inexpensive plates from the inside. Lumber is mainly processed and collected from theater halls.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The front door is dressed in the same unprocessed and weathered red cedar shingles and almost completely merges with the wall.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Behind the entire glass, the facade is a living room that extends 25 feet to the roof and opens onto a small veranda.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

There are two more floors, which are mostly cubic lofts stacked on top of each other and built around a central chimney. At nightfall, the house is lit with candles and gas lamps.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

As in the interior, the kitchen is built of plywood. A cozy farm dining set is an architect’s design. A simple stove is fueled by a gas bottle.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

A small bathroom is located on the ground floor. Unfortunately, we do not have any details about how water gets into the bathroom and the kitchen. Second floor – sleeping quarters with three beds with curtains for privacy. Third-floor attic – a small bedroom with peekaboo windows.


[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The wooden facade is fashionable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. This lining option has not equal to other finishing materials. Architects skillfully use all the advantages of a tree, neutralizing possible shortcomings. The completed cladding of the house with a tree will become a hallmark of housing.

Why is wood cladding practical and fashionable?

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

All types of facing materials have high-performance properties. But not one of them can compare with the natural beauty and attractiveness of the tree. A simple, aesthetically perfect surface will not go unnoticed, as is the case with the WS House project.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The small house, due to its shapes and wooden finishes, has become a model of grace. Design decisions and the craftsmanship of architects created a corner of natural freshness and freedom in the “stone jungle”. Only in such housing can you feel relaxed, and peaceful. All details predispose to such a balance.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The practicality of the wooden facade can be described as follows:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Excellent protection of the building from the adverse effects of an aggressive environment;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Environmental friendliness.
[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

The aesthetic properties of the material do not require a description, because when you first look at such walls, you immediately fall in love with their beauty. Pine, cedar, oak, and beech are chosen as the main raw materials for log cabins. These breeds are characterized by flexibility, strength, and durability, combined with proper processing.

classic wooden house cladding

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

In the project presented in the photo, there are no intricate designs, or complexity of the form. The small house is designed with a U-shaped type. This construction option allows you to hide the comfort zone, creating a small courtyard between the blocks, and certain privacy. The compactness of the structure is emphasized by the horizontal laying of wooden beams.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

They visually connect the house to the ground, highlighting its main parts. The advantage of wood, in this case, is that it combines perfectly with other types of cladding. The brown color of the facade is shaded by white columns and the plastered wall of the utility rooms.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

When choosing a natural facade, you should take care of protecting the surface, because wood materials are highly combustible.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

Panoramic glazing is selected for the dining room, which offers a view of the courtyard. The lack of large windows in the rooms does not hide the main facade decoration, as if demonstrating its advantages. The house is a classic example of fashionable architecture and seasoned minimalism.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade

A flat roof is also chosen not casual. The roof does not elevate the structure but is part of the idea of the earthiness of the structure. In the example of stylish and modern housing, we saw the main delights of natural finishes. The classic cladding of a house with a tree will always be a leader for people who value the naturalness, environmental friendliness, and security of their homes.

[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade
[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade
[ wooden exterior ] 111+ ideas for a wooden house facade


The exterior of a wooden house can be made irresistible by choosing harmoniously matching colors and making the building design creative. Mixing different colors and textures allows you to create a unique design. Your home can be decorated in a minimalist style or have additions as varied decor.

Wood exterior house

The exterior of the wooden house in the photo has a dark color – this color of wood always looks unusual and attractive. A rejection of the brown classics will allow you to emphasize the non-standard character of your monastery. Black is the color of elegance; this inimitable architectural image is flawlessly complemented by tall windows. The roof has matched the tone of the whole building. On the terrace of such a house, you can sit for a long time on warm summer evenings, enjoying the view and sipping hot coffee.

Wood panel house exterior

The wooden exterior will look great surrounded by tall trees and lush bushes. A small garden in front of the window will make your pastime at home more enjoyable. By the way, plants perform not only a decorative function. Because the cottage has large spacious windows, without protection in the form of maple or oak, the room will be too hot on sunny days.

Wood accent exterior house

Wooden exteriors attract many due to their naturalness. So why not make the same cladding inside the house? However, the dark colors in the room will look too gloomy, so it is better to give preference to the natural shade of the tree. The color of a sandstorm will add to your home an indescribable comfort at any time of the year. Also, the interior of the rooms can be supplemented with small pots of plants.

House exterior wood siding

A compact and comfortable chair is needed to enjoy the view in rainy or cold weather. And to fill the cottage with the maximum amount of light, it is worth making a part of the roof from a material that transmits scattered sunlight. Finishing the exterior of a wooden house can be the embodiment of the most unusual ideas. The room, decorated in such a natural style, perfectly suits creativity. You will certainly want to come to such a house to take a break from the bustle of the city and listen to the beautiful sound of silence and wind.

Wood exterior homes

The image shows a house where the insulation of the exterior of a wooden house was also made. As for the design, the back of the building can be decorated in different shades, but it is important to maintain a common style. In this case, even though the wall here is made of particles of cinnamon wood, it is supplemented with elements of black color. A cute lantern, as well as a window frame in the color of coal, become those details that allow you to make the image of the building integral. Being in such a house with a cute Labrador is a pleasure because it looks like a classic of suburban life.

Modern house wood exterior

We examined the exterior of the wooden house, now we finally got inside the building – which hides this mysterious structure with a perfectly even shape and black lining. The interior of the house looks exactly the opposite – light colors and a little asymmetry. However, the same natural image of the cottage continues here, because the walls are finished with wood. White color refreshes the interior, making it incredibly elegant and sophisticated. Several paintings with discreet colors on the wall emphasize certain correctness of this style, giving it special sophistication.

Wood on house exterior

The design of the kitchen combines different shades of brown with the addition of black and white colors. A small vase with clusters of hydrangeas or several branches of lilacs will make the room look more welcoming. At such a table it is pleasant to have breakfast and to conduct long conversations with a large group of friends or family. It is an indescribable pleasure to wake up in the morning in such a cozy cottage and lower it into the kitchen, following only a quiet clatter of dishes and the delicious aroma of fresh pastries.

Home exterior wood siding

This cooking area is very practical. The spacious table top is perfect for cutting various ingredients for dishes, there are also several large shelves for dishes and closed tables, behind the doors of which you can put different kitchen utensils. On one of the surfaces is a green plant that fits perfectly into the interior. It is important to choose a flowerpot that tolerates a temperature difference because it makes no sense to take it out of the room during cooking or to save wilted leaves for a long time.

Wood on exterior of house

If the project of a wooden house is created in such a way that the kitchen is connected to the hallway, you can divide the space using a partition. Today, there are thousands of design options for such partitions, they can be made of metal, glass, or even fabric. In this case, this is a wood product, as the designer continued the naturalistic idea of the building. High ceilings make it possible to install a bronze lamp with a long wire, which looks so elegant in the interior.

Replacing exterior wood on house

The countertop in the kitchen does not need any painting, because the wood coating is attractive in itself. A straw fixture is a delightful match for this type of country house. The combination of elitism and simplicity is a wonderful mix, the embodiment of which is shown in the image. The whole house looks light inside, and due to this, it is spacious.

Play with contrasts, and make the house the embodiment of your whims. The snow-white curtains inside the cottage with black walls will make it special. Finishing the exterior with wood means only that the building can take any form and texture, so you can safely embody the most contradictory geometry ideas, and you can follow the symmetry and focus on that. The exterior of a wooden house is a limitless space for your imagination and creativity.

Fashionable Wood House Exterior Design

Wooden houses have long ceased to be associated with modest suburban housing, summer cottages, temporary huts, and huts. Now, these are luxurious, eco-friendly mansions, cottages, and even entire residences integrated as much as possible with nature. The very design of the exterior of the wooden house has also undergone incredible modernization. Such housing can fully comply with the latest trends.

outdoor wood accent wall

Openness, panoramic structures, functionality, and manufacturability have become the main trends in the construction of country cottages made of wood. Here nature, technology, and innovative solutions are combined to achieve a common goal – to create comfortable conditions for human life.

Outdoor wooden house exterior design

wood wall design outdoor

The main idea of a wooden house is that it is natural and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it makes special sense to build such cottages surrounded by nature, ensuring close interaction between the living space and the landscape.

outdoor wood design

The arrangement of large panoramic windows in the fashionable exterior design of a wooden house among natural landscapes has become almost a rule and not just a recommendation. The social zone of housing should closely interact with the local area. And this interaction is realized through opening panoramic openings and spacious open terraces.

wood accent wall exterior

Sometimes the owners install shutters on the panoramic windows to increase the privacy of the building. In modern design, they are most often automated and opened using the smart home system.

The stylish exterior design of a wooden house is laconic

outdoor wood decoration ideas

Although wood is ideal for creating patterns, carving, and decor, in modern construction, all of this is abandoned. Natural material should look as natural as possible. This means that human intervention here should be minimal.

outside wood wall ideas

There is enough effectiveness here due to the play of textures, and the use of glass, metal, stone, and concrete along with wood. All of these materials complement each other to create a durable, comfortable living space.

wood accent wall outdoor

The decoration of such a house becomes the tree itself without any patterns and drawings. The natural color of the wood and its natural texture are harmoniously combined with the living nature around. There is no need to change the appearance of such a surface.

Stylish exterior design of a wooden house is laconic

The spectacular wooden house exterior design implies the use of wood with an emphasis on its naturalness, natural beauty. It is important to achieve straight, flat lines. The tendency to abandon the rounded timber brings the design of country cottages to a new level. Basically, in the external design of the building, boards, lamellas, panels are used.

Stylish exterior design of a wooden house is laconic


Decorating the house with wood is the option of decorating the facade, which allows you to accelerate your imagination and allows you to bring the most creative ideas to life. The cost of this exterior option is rarely low, but in the end, you always get a truly aesthetic look at home and durability – it’s worth it.

Wood Finishing

Here we see a nice-looking country house, for the decoration of which wood was partially used. Smooth light strips of wood give the building freshness, it is surrounded by a green lawn and trees that look very appropriate and natural. Options for decorating the house with wood are great for giving. The vertical arrangement of logs visually makes the structure more elegant. This design looks cool dark roof, as shown in the picture, right wood trim front of the house looks more complete.

Options for decorating the house with wood, finishing the facade of the house with wood

If you want to make the maximum level of comfort in the house, all you need is wood wall decoration, this material should also be used for the ceiling. Because in this case light material was used, the room seems more spacious. This idea of wall cladding is ideal for rooms in which too little sunlight is exposed. It is very important in this case to select all the interior details by the color and texture of the walls. In the photo, we see that the chairs, table, and sofa are great for the general decoration of the same style.

wood wall decoration

The interior decoration of the house with wood is a cool idea for both giving and ordinary dwellings. After all, after such a repair, you definitely cannot call it ordinary. Particularly noteworthy is the kitchen with the design in the photo. Here I want to bake delicious cakes, make coffee in the morning and sit for a long time with my family for conversations. Decorating the house inside with wood (the photo is an ideal illustration) does not require a lot of decors, this design option is complete and attractive in itself. A small vase of flowers will be enough.

Wood trim stairs

The Interior decoration of a house with a tree is not only a beautiful design of the kitchen or living room, it is also the use of this material for facing stairs or walk-through areas of the house. Decorating stairs in a house with wood is a practical and environmentally sound solution. For the interior design to be attractive in general, you must try to make every detail beautiful.

Wood home decoration

There are different options for decorating the house with wood, because the lining, for example, can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. At the same time, there are hundreds of different shades of such material on sale, which repairs a truly creative process. The originality of the design idea in the photo lies in the fact that there is practically no visible transition between the stripes of the lining. The solid wood finish of the house looks stylish. This option will appreciate the fans of minimalism.

Wood wall decoration inside the house photo

Exterior wood trim does not have to be monotonous. If classic wood flooring seems a little boring to you, then the idea is more interesting. In an ordinary wall, we make an imitation of a window. There are no restrictions on the design of this window, you can change its shape, color, and sizetoy the general style of the bedroom. However, the location of his location can also be anything – an entrance hall, a living room, or a nursery, for example. Decorating houses with wood (the photo illustrates just such an option) can always be supplemented with some zest.

Wood trim in the ceiling of the house

Why is wood decoration such an attractive option for many? It’s all about simplicity, which at the same time contains a share of creativity. For example, in this image, the ceiling is decorated with light wood, but its color is not just wheat. The entire surface is covered with natural stains, which change the shade and give the interior extraordinary. Finishing with wood inside the house in 99% of cases looks atypical. The original shape of the ceiling, of course, also gives the style of this room an indescribable charm.

How Cool Decorating the House With Wood Inside and Out

Decorating the house with wood outside is a dream of many, after all, plus all other advantages, such buildings have a real European style. In the highlands of beautiful Austria, houses are built and finished with oak, pine, and other popular species. Decorating private houses with wood is perfect for those who want their monastery to look natural, but at the same time chic. This is a special kind of luxury – living in a house with such an exterior.

Exterior wood finish

Wood can be embedded in every element of the building. Wood walls inside the house, photos of this design are shown above, this is only part of the overall design of the building. For example, a small terrace in front of the entrance becomes much prettier if it is covered with loosely fitting lines of a light brown tree. Whatever the location of such a structure, it is always great to sit at a table on a cozy terrace, admiring the sunset or dawn. A feature of this design option is that it looks beautiful both from the outside and from the inside.

The building does not have to stand out against the rest of the buildings to be considered attractive. The exterior decoration of the house in wood, made in the best natural traditions, looks stylish and simple. A unique feature can be given to such a building by a unique shade or texture of the roof. You can also show creativity directly in the layout of the cottage, making it, unlike others. Decorating the house with wood allows you to make the cladding of the building not only pretty but also durable.