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21+ Stylish Exterior Wall Color Combinations

Not only the aesthetics of the building, but also its atmosphere and mood depends on the correct choice of the color of the outer walls of the cottage. A palette can add solidity to a home, transform it into a secluded family nest, or accentuate cutting-edge dynamics.

It also depends on the exterior color of the walls whether the object will be combined with the landscape or will be contrastingly taken out of the context of the environment. The palette can be adapted to the environment or dictate its own atmosphere here. Consider fashionable options for each occasion, and you can choose the tones that match your wishes, requests, furnishings and style of the cottage.

Exterior wall paint ideas of a classic home

The combination of paint colors for exterior walls in the classics implies restraint and a discreet palette. Tones should be close to natural for a harmonious combination of architecture and surroundings. This is important, since the classics are intertwined with naturalness, as if being a derivative of it. This is also evidenced by the rich floristic patterns.

At the same time, the classic canons imply luxury and charm. Therefore, the colors of the exterior should be noble. Compliance with the shades of expensive wood, natural marble, granite is welcomed.

Gypsum plaster and stucco in white color are becoming the main tool for home decoration. And due to the fact that above and below the building is executed in dark, natural colors, beautiful, light structures stand out in contrast against the background.

Eco-friendly outer wall painting ideas for home

In conditions of urbanization, people are increasingly chasing to be closer to nature. Therefore, among the best color combinations for external walls are primordially natural shades – woody, green, blue, gray, white.

Such a palette a priori looks harmonious and natural. But it is important that it corresponds exactly to the area where the house is located. After all, the variety of the natural palette can be considered the richest.

Urban outdoor wall color ideas

At the same time, the development of technologies, the same urbanization, cause a feeling of immersion in an artificial, high-tech environment. The popularization of the direction of cyberpunk with a unique atmosphere prompts a separate category of people to chase industrialization, manifesting this in architecture.

Bright, saturated colors, orange, yellow, blue palette, an abundance of metal with a corrosion effect – all this is inherent in extraordinary conceptual objects. The choice of those who do not want to be among the masses, abandoned the idea of friendly neighborhood between man and nature and sees our future in even more advanced technologies. But with all this, comfort and coziness are considered secondary.

Fashionable, contrasting outside wall paint design

Modern exterior styles require more dynamics, but with an emphasis on practicality. Therefore, here the combination of the colors of the external walls means that the palette fulfills the function of decoration, zoning, and adds aesthetics to the house. In this regard, we meet steep, contrasting facades.

Integration into nature is also reaching a new level. Therefore, the importance of using natural colors for exterior walls is increasing. Almost every trendy cottage that you come across will be made in colors that nature has invented.

And these should be far from bright shades that knock the building out of the overall picture, but massive strict tones that we meet in the forest, mountains, on the seashore. The palette is strongly tied to the environment. Therefore, when deciding on the combination of colors for the outer walls of a modern cottage, study the area. It will become the basis of the design.

Variegated outside wall colour design

This is an option for those who want to abandon the massive palette and add originality to the house. Red, bright green, yellow shades will positively distinguish the house against the background of both the cityscape and the natural landscape.

The main rule is not to use all the colors at once. In this case, a successful combination of colors for external walls implies the use of one bright tone in the base, and its addition with neutral white, black, gray, brown shades.

Strict exterior wall paint colour combination

Do you want to emphasize your high status? Strict aristocratic gray, graphite, black, wenge tones in the color design of the outer walls will help to achieve this. The house will personify your high status in society.

But don’t forget to soften the exterior. Depending on the style, luxurious, sophisticated stucco moldings, or an abundance of open, light, glass structures are suitable for this. The first option is suitable for classics, and the second for modern architecture.

Most elegant exterior wall colour combination

The majority of the options considered looks rather crude and strict. For those who want to create a sophisticated home with an atmosphere of charm and sophistication, the option in light pastels with a dominance of white will be relevant.

White and beige tones can be used both in the base and in the decor, for auxiliary structures. In this color, the outer walls will blend easily and comfortably. The building visually increases in size, but does not press. The palette is suitable for almost any environment.

White and beige can be combined with any other tones, so there are endless possibilities in the design context. These shades are used to create ultra-trendy modern, futuristic and classic exteriors. It looks attractive both in monochrome and with contrasting designs and decor.

Best color combination for exterior brick walls

Connoisseurs of tradition often prefer brick walls, leaving their natural color. Brick shades are quite versatile and versatile. But for such a house to look complete and aesthetically pleasing, it needs a contrasting decor.

The brick walls in natural red blend strikingly with the white decor, dark roof and plinth. Dark clinker brick looks next to white, brown, black shades. It is better to use neutral tones here, otherwise the color balance will be lost.

The colors of the exterior walls personalize the building, highlighting whether it belongs to tradition, modern comfort or urban trends of the future. Choose your element – do you want to plunge into the charm of age-old traditions, feel the closeness and comfort of nature, or give up a peaceful existence with it? Take a look at your surroundings. A comprehensive analysis, starting from the style of the house and ending with taste, preferences, will help you choose the right range.