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Brick Facade Combined with Concrete and Wood in the Interior

The brick facade of the house for many is associated with something commonplace. Many old houses have just such a finish and there is nothing attractive about it. However, the photos you see here will change your idea of bricking the building. The images show a building made with a creative approach. It looks stylish and does not fit into the framework of standards, thereby becoming even more attractive. The brick facade of the house can be stylish – photos will prove it.

In this building, the brick cladding of the facade is mixed with concrete walls. Such a tandem of textures and colors creates an amazing contrast. Apricot color is replaced by light quartz, the corrugated surface of the brick turns into a smooth concrete coating. This dance of reliefs and colors is complemented by black wood-framed windows that lay horizontally. As Goethe said: “Architecture is petrified music.” The building in the photo is like part of a musical notation that has a unique motive.

The architect paid particular attention to the form of the structure. Perfectly smooth lines that seem to overlap one another create a sense of correctness. When you look at such a building, there is confidence that the perfect order reigns inside it, all things are stored on shelves located in perfectly parallel relation to each other. A wide column, as if supporting one of the parts of the cottage, gives it an image of power, solidity.

Special attention should be paid to the small area between the first and second floors of the building. Having decided to supplement this brick cottage with a concrete coating, the designer took care of the elegant transition of one texture to another due to plants. Almost any vegetation will look great here, the main thing is that it can easily tolerate high temperatures. Such a floral decoration of the facade makes it more natural, emphasizes the natural location of the cottage.

But the greenery on the roof of the building does not end there. The whole house is surrounded by various plants that perfectly fill the space. Due to the fact that the second floor of the cottage in some places goes beyond the first, an interesting game of light and shadow is obtained. As Philip K. Lzheonon said: “Architecture is the art of squandering space,” because sometimes beauty is not a pity for square meters. In this photo we see the house covering near, it is here that you can make sure that the brick facade is decorated in the loft style and looks pretty unusual.

It may seem strange that a two-story brick house is built not of perfectly even rectangles of the same color, but of bricks of different colors. But this is the main idea. Looking at the building at a short distance, you immediately notice that high-quality material was used to erect it. Confirmation of this is amazingly even angles and a very special color of the walls, which is a mixture of several shades of caramel.

When you look at the brick facade of this building from afar, an understanding of the entire genius of the project comes. Brick wall design is only part of the design. After all, the walls of coffee and lead color are the basis of the modernized cottage with large spacious windows to the floor and a stylish black canopy over a cozy terrace. On a warm summer day it will be especially pleasant to spend time on a soft bed right on the street, enjoying the soft rays of the sun and sipping a strawberry cocktail.

What does a brick country house look like inside? Here, the general style of the building has a logical continuation, because the loft was embodied in the interior design of the cottage. The use of gray and white colors underlines the status of the house. It is amazing to see how the rough walls of gray color combine with an exquisite black table made of wood. And armchairs with pleasant upholstery to the touch add to the atmosphere of comfort. The brick house, the photo of which you see here, is a building for long gatherings in the family circle and hot mulled wine on long winter evenings.

Considering the interior of the building further, we notice that the wood was also used to decorate other parts of the interior. The stylish partition between the kitchen and the living room is made of lining, on the surface of which all shades of brown are poured. In a house with such an elegant design, it will be appropriate to put unusual plants in the form of decorations. A few volumetric green leaves of a bizarre shape in a small vase is ideal.

Due to the large glass from the ceiling to the floor in the house is quite light. A cottage decorated in this style becomes a place where you want to spend as much time as possible. After all, such an interior makes the building completely unique, the one you fall in love with from the first step. Here you can always hear the cute dog running across the cool tiles, you feel natural freshness and the most insignificant details are noticed, which, nevertheless, make the house special.

Around the building with a brickconcrete facade, you should definitely throw a beautiful garden. A few rows of low apple trees a dozen meters from the house will not only look beautiful, but also bring delicious fruits. And right next to the house is to plant lavender bushes or cloves, this will make the image of the structure more welcoming. However, the plants do not have to have the same calm color as the building itself. For example, red clusters of skimmy can perfectly complement the brick facade, a photo of which is shown here.

Brick Wall House is not boring, because the design of the house with this material can make the building incredibly extravagant and atypical. The cladding of the building, complemented by details made of dark wood and light gray concrete, makes it modern. The exterior design of the house, which is shown in the photo, is an example of how to create something beautiful and unique from a basic set of materials and fairly simple plants.