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111+ Modern Outside Window Shutters

modern farmhouse exterior shutters

Traditionally, windows with shutters are perceived as a classic facade element. But the architectural bureau Arnau estudi Arquitectura showed that they can be used in high-tech style. Vertically opening double-leaf shutters on panoramic windows have become the highlight of the cottage project in Spain.

Architects made the structure a decoration of the building and an important functional element. Consider a photo of modern rising shutters and the tasks that they perform.

Outdoor shutters 👉 Increasing housing privacy

This is a traditional and one of the main objectives of the set. Since the house is located on a hill, in the evening and at night, the windows are visible from a distance. With closed shutters, housing privacy is increasing. Shutters are also anti-vandal designs. They protect the glass from damage from the outside.

The doors are not visible, therefore, if the house is located in an area with bright night lighting, it will not interfere with rest. In a cottage on a hill, morning rays begin to illuminate the premises quite early. Due to the shutters, it will be possible to close from the morning sunlight without massive dense curtains or blinds.

In the illustrated cottage used in the bedroom light transparent tulle. And that’s enough. It performs mainly an aesthetic function and gives housing a coziness.

External window shutters 👉 Optimum microclimate

Windows with shutters in this futuristic house carry out several tasks to support the optimal microclimate in the house. When closed, they create additional protection against wind, cold, and heat, reducing heat loss through the window opening. And in the open position, such shutters form visors above the windows, thereby creating a shadow, covering the premises from the hot day sun. The house seems to “lift the eyelids” and thanks to them it remains in the shade.

The place in front of the windows can be used as a small terrace. When open, the shutters create a small canopy above it. This is a convenient and comfortable solution for fans to relax in the fresh air and sit near the house with a book or a cup of coffee.

Modern shutters exterior 👉 Unique design

Shutters are distinguished by an unusual futuristic design, open with guides on the sides. Their shape emphasizes the unusual design of the facade, enhancing the individuality of the house. Because the shutters do not open to the side, in the open position they do not occupy the space on the side of the window. Therefore, the glazing was able to be made almost end-to-end to each other.

The house also has a very unusual architecture. It is a box located on a hill. Panoramic windows offer views of the surrounding natural landscapes and the fortress, located a couple of hundred meters. The utility room and garage are made under the house and serve as the basis for the residential part of the building. The whole structure corresponds to the futuristic direction – straightforwardness, conciseness, lack of decor, and maximum practicality.

Due to the monolithic technology, it was possible to make a free layout with open space. In the residential part of the house, there are rooms for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, all of them have panoramic windows and are shuttered.

The transforming design makes the house original and spectacular and emphasizes the high-tech style. The shutters are made of natural wood, so the cottage harmoniously fits into the natural environment.

Architects Arnau estudi d’arquitectura
Photo Marc TorraPep Sau

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Wooden window shutters are a classic element of a country house that has returned to fashion. It would seem that modern double-glazed windows complete with shutters, shutters, and Roman curtains have already saved the owners of private real estate from the need to use external window shutters. Now the design of the window has become more reliable, while it requires minimal maintenance, and to close it, you do not need to go outside.

But stylish, elite housing is often equipped not with typical metal-plastic double-glazed windows, but with elite wooden, metal systems. Such houses make panoramic glazing. But here the requirements for the operation, design, and protection of windows are already slightly different. Consider modern wooden shutters from the photo, and see why this is a modern functional and aesthetic element.

Safety at home with wooden shutters exterior

Previously, wooden shutters were mainly used as protection for windows from vandalism or abandoned stone. Modern country houses are well protected from such actions. This is facilitated by security systems, fences, distance from the road, etc. But if the house has a glazed terrace, and panoramic windows located on the side of the functional areas of the courtyard, pool, recreation area, and terrace – there is a risk of breaking or damaging the glass during the performance of household tasks, active entertainment, children’s games.

Closing the shutters on the windows from the courtyard, and terrace, you can cut grass next to it, play football, or frisbee, ride a bike, or have a barbecue, or party without risking damage to the glass. Windows will be protected from dirt, dust, smoke, blows of a ball, or other objects. Such protection is especially relevant for panoramic glazing on the floor – it reaches almost the ground level. In this case, careless actions during games, rest, and work near the house become especially risky and can cause damage to the glass.

Hinged wooden shutters on the panoramic windows will also protect them from pets. Even people don’t notice washed glass, not to mention dogs and cats, which on the run often crash into similar designs, and break them. Proximity to the forest park is also a risk that a wild animal can get into the yard. By closing the windows with shutters, you protect the glass from them.

Wooden louvers window 👉 Privacy of housing

Closed wooden shutters deprive the room of the outside. Moreover, the windows do not even need to be equipped with shutters, blinds, or curtains. This technique is especially relevant for a fashionable minimalist, futuristic interiors.

If the windows of the house offer panoramic views of the garden, natural landscape, river, and park – the absence of curtains and the blinds will positively affect the species’ characteristics. But at the same time, housing is losing its privacy. Shutters will help to solve the problem.

At the same time, the modern design of these structures helps to emphasize the stylish facade of the house. As an example, we see that they can be used not only in classic housing, but also in a newfangled cottage, or villa.

Due to the shutters, you can zone the space. By opening them and the windows on the panoramic terrace with a swimming pool, you practically combine the living space with the relaxation area on the street. Closed shutters, like a wall, separate internal and external space.

Wooden shutters outside 👉 The effectiveness of the facade with shutters

Opened shutters emphasize the windows in the house. They act as a decorative element, emphasizing the status and high cost of real estate. Because now wooden shutters are not used massively, they add originality to the dwelling – the same house with external shutters for windows and without them looks quite different.

The original design of the shutters will add spectacularity to the house both in open and closed form. With a large area of glazing, shutters can close almost the entire facade. Due to the modern design, the building looks stylish, expensive, and safe.

Now it makes sense to install shutters, if necessary, to protect the glazing of the house from external factors, including dirt, smoke, and shocks. Along with this, they perform an aesthetic function and increase the privacy of the real estate. Such designs have become less popular in traditional houses, but are increasingly in demand in villas, giving them special sophistication and chic, as well as in cottages with panoramic floor glazing.

Architects CSO arquitectura
Photo David Frutos


Simplicity along with manufacturability remain the main features of modern hi-tech houses. The architectural bureau SABK design group suggested using automatic shutters on windows in a small ultra modern cottage, which in the closed position turn the building into a box isolated from the external environment.

Comfort and privacy have reached a new level.

Functional exterior shutters 👉 Convenience and multitasking in a modern way

Automation has become an important functional element since due to the electric drive, owners can open or close any of the windows with just the click of a button on the remote control. The structures are quite massive – on the ground floor, they are made the size of a garage door and cover panoramic glazing. Opening such shutters manually would not be very convenient, especially since they are not folding to the side, but from bottom to top.

The upper position of the automatic shutters on the windows was also not chosen by chance. They create a visor that protects from the hot day sun. At lunchtime, the rays do not shine directly into the house, thereby providing a pleasant microclimate with minimal use of air conditioning. Under a canopy, you can install a deck chair and relax in the fresh air, hiding from the heat.

Motorized exterior shutters as an element of privacy and protection of panoramic glazing

Panoramic glazing has become almost an essential part of the high-tech style. This house, with an area of only 95 square meters, also could not do without glass structures from floor to ceiling. But since the space outside these windows is multifunctional, it is important for the owners that it is not always open. They wanted to be able to localize it as much as possible from the outside world.

Automatic window shutters came to the rescue here again. Due to the electric drive and control from the remote control, residents do not get tired of changing the position of structures, even several times a day.

At the request of the shutters, you can open and practically remove the border between the living area and the picturesque surroundings around. If necessary, to achieve privacy, the shutters are lowered, turning the panoramic glazing into a wall. In addition, this design covers the glass from dust and dirt. And since the house is a country house, while it is idle without owners, the shutters protect it from vandalism.

When the shutters are raised, the house seems open and light, and when closed, it turns into an impregnable massive shelter. The architects managed to achieve a special effect because in the buried position, the shutters practically merge with the walls. A monotonous surface is formed.

Thus, automatic window shutters in a private house are an element of privacy, security, comfort, and technology. Depending on their position, the house can be completely open towards the courtyard and garden or remain localized from access and views from the outside. This makes it possible to use the living space as rationally and diversely as possible.

ArchitectsSABK design group
PhotoMohammad Hozhabri