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111+ Modern Home Extensions

The architectural bureau Invisible Studio showed an extraordinary idea of a modern addition to an old house.

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In general, the building now reflects several eras at once – from the 18th to the 20th century.

Modern house extension 👉 The idea of contrast of an extension to the house

The architects did not pursue the stylization of the extension to match the existing building, but, on the contrary, focused on its modernity. Due to this, the cottage acquired the features of a new, fashionable, spacious housing with a part of the old flavor.

The project traces two clearly separated parts of the building. One symbolizes housing of past centuries, while the other looks like a trendy solution with comfortable living conditions for a modern family against its background.

To emphasize the contrast more, the extension was made in a dark color. At the same time, the graphite shade is in harmony with the gray building of the 18th century.

Modern home extensions 👉 The idea of an extension to the house as a symbol of the transformation and evolution of architecture

By adding a fashionable, modern extension to the old house, the architects clearly showed how trends and trends have changed over the past several hundred years. Instead of massiveness, now there is lightness. Instead of seclusion and locality from the outside world, there is now openness and integration into the environment.

The house will be able to feel the atmosphere of housing from different centuries. This is a unique object for connoisseurs of ancient comfort and modern rationality – here it all exists side by side. At the same time, the extension was not made dominant, but it is not too compact either. The two parts of the house exist on a par.

Using this project as an example, the architects showed that when building an extension to a house, it is not necessary to adhere to the idea of the same style. The attached part can be completely different in the context of the design. But at the same time, it is harmoniously combined with the existing building and all the necessary conditions have been created in it for a comfortable living for a new generation family.

ArchitectsInvisible Studio
ImagesJim Stephenson

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Modern extensions on old houses 👉 Old House with Modern Outbuilding

Often, instead of destroying the old and building a new house, it makes sense to improve the existing object, preserving the color, history, atmosphere of the object. This is exactly what they did with the presented cottage, located in the fabulous nature of Iceland. A lonely house with a modern extension surrounded by mountains, meadows, the sea, a fjord, built on the basis of a hangar of a local farm.

Classic rural buildings in Iceland have a special energy. But, in addition, they are still quite reliable, so it is quite reasonable to build new houses based on them. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of construction, which is especially felt in the conditions of a remote island.

Modern cottage extension 👉 Multitasking and balance at home with a contemporary style extension

Под этот дом с пристройкой в современном стиле идеально подошло фермерское помещение, так как кроме жилых пространств здесь предусмотрена студия с выставочным залом. Это не просто жилье, но еще и туристический объект, в котором местный художник показывает свои работы.

The area of the old building was taken under the studio. It has preserved the unusual flavor of an old rural facility. And the living spaces were arranged in an extension, which was erected over the existing structure. The massiveness and strength of the walls of the farm barn is more than enough to implement this solution.

Thus, it was possible to balancedly combine a studio with an exhibition hall and living space in one building. The atmosphere in the house is distinguished by comfort, hospitality, and is conducive to the fact that the residents feel comfortable, and visitors can enjoy works of art in an unusual atmosphere.

Cottage with modern extension 👉 The unique character of the house with an extension in a modern style

The architects strive to keep as much of the stone barn as possible. It is these elements that bring a special character and mood to the object, fitting into the wild nature of Iceland.

Leaving the lower part of the house intact was a deliberate decision. It was not updated, not restored, due to which the building exudes centuries-old traditions. It gives the impression of a gradual transformation of an old house into a modern housing option. It looks like it’s growing out of the ground. At the same time, the house is closely integrated into the landscape, combined with it through the use of local materials, including stone and pebbles. To attach the site to the object, the fence around the building was also left intact.

A colorful house with a modern-style annex reflects the combination of architecture of the past and the present. At the same time, the architects managed to achieve a balance of solutions belonging to different eras. Each part of the building has its own individual function. A modern, comfortable extension is allocated for living, and an atmospheric, ancient part of the house with a century-long history is intended for creativity and demonstration of art objects.

ArchitectsStudio Bua
ImagesMarino Thorlacius