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ArtFacade » 111+ Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

111+ Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

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Facing the walls of the house with the right choice of material or a skillful combination of several types of finishes can be the hallmark of the entire construction ensemble. A wide range of finishing materials and a color palette allow you to give any building a unique and attractive look.


Finishing the facade of the house can perform several functions:

  1. Decorative design.
  2. The ability to hide the irregularities and imperfections of the walls.
  3. Soundproofing the room and wall insulation.

The use of several finishing materials from the simplest and most uncomplicated building in its constructive solution can make a landmark for the whole district.

The possibility of various variations of finishes and their compositions is vividly presented in the example of this spacious and unique home. The combination of siding, silicone plaster, and stone exceeded all expectations: the house is striking in its originality and extravagance.

When choosing a siding for wall cladding at home, you should take into account the performance indicators for the various types of these finishing panels. For example, PVC panels are lightweight, cheap and have a huge color range. Wooden siding is somewhat more expensive and prone to deformation due to climatic anomalies, but it looks natural and rich. Metal panels are reliable and durable, but will not be able to please with a variety of shapes and colors.

The choice of architects focused on wooden siding is not accidental. Despite its high cost in comparison with PVC or metal panels, wood siding has a natural look and color. It can not be distinguished from natural wooden flooring near the house. This was the architectural idea: using the finishing techniques for the facade to create a single architectural ensemble.

Naturalness is complemented by the fencing of the recreation area from a wooden beam in natural colors. These powerful wooden bars give the house a sense of fundamentality and strength, and the natural vegetation and the platform of white stone slabs near the pool – soaring lightness and weightlessness.

Zoning of the house’s site with the same finishing materials visually makes all utility rooms, partitions, borders, and fences a continuation of the house itself. These are not separate architectural elements – this is a single organism, born of the brilliant idea of the architect. And this unity is strengthened by the corners of wildlife with decorative exotic shrubs

Panoramic windows not only provide sufficient daylight for the room but also serve as additional detail to the decoration of the building. The black color of the window frames appears as a kind of strict touch in this sea of pastel and white colors.


Wood, concrete and white color migrated outside the house and in the interior. The uniform style of the exterior and interior can be traced to the choice of finishing materials and the color scheme of the interior space. The furniture of the same color palette successfully complements the decoration of the rooms.

The presence of large glazed surfaces of windows, doors, and roofs does not allow them to fully realize themselves inside the house. It seems that you are still on the sunny ground in the courtyard of the building next to tropical vegetation.

Successfully combined wall cladding of the house embodied the dream of any architect: it made the building unique, spacious and unusual, as it were, a transitional stage between the green cover of the earth and the endless blue of the sky.

Architects Gabriel Montañés Arquitecto
Photo Adrià Goula

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Trending External House Cladding Ideas

The most fashionable external house cladding ideas are based on three principles – openness, manufacturability, and integration with the environment. Outwardly, the house should look simple, and concise, but have a complex and functional structure using materials that are mainly found in its environment.

The building should not merge with the landscape and at the same time cannot violate the harmony around it. Let’s look at examples of how architects achieve this.

External house cladding ideas with landscape intervention

It seems that the landscaping continues on the building itself. There is no clear boundary where the house ends and the environment begins.

The house is faced with natural materials – natural wood, and concrete under the stone. And the elements of the environment continue right there. A bold idea implies live plantings directly on the structures of the house.

Another way is to move the house to the plot. A tree-clad cottage emerges from a slope or hill. At the same time, the facade remains open for close interaction with the environment directly from the living space.

Technological ideas for exterior cladding of the house

The futuristic look of the building is backed up by technology. The idea of the external cladding of the facade lies in its functionality – opening facades, automated shutter systems, which visually form an integral enclosing structure in the closed position, and sliding panoramic windows to the entire wall.

The smart home system has made it to the exterior. With the help of special programs, you can change the configuration of the building, open and close windows, and turn on the light from your smartphone.

The building, like a living organism, adjusts itself to the weather, and time of day, creating comfortable conditions for the owners.

The creativity of external house cladding ideas

Facade cladding is part of the building’s individualization. Modern design has given up on non-functional, useless décor. Each element must perform a specific task.

For this reason, cladding has become the main design tool. Trend ideas are to make the facade look expressive, and contrasting, but not out of the general atmosphere around it. Therefore, architects use stone, and wood in contrasting colors.

Thus, the most trendy exterior cladding ideas for a house involve using simple materials and combining them with new generation technologies. It’s like you control the nature of your own home from your smartphone. And he gives you comfort and coziness under any conditions.