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ArtFacade » Cube House ✓ Fresh Design Ideas For Cubic Style Homes

Cube House ✓ Fresh Design Ideas For Cubic Style Homes

What are the 5 best qualities of modern architecture combined in a house in a cubic style. The benefits of cubism in house building. Choose your cube house!


Cubic trend in architecture – new style based on the straightness, simple geometric forms and practicality. It provides a clear delineation and zoning of space, the rationality and functionality of each square meter.

The house in the cubic style from the architectural bureau Sturgess Architecture is a vivid example of this direction, which is still a bit unusual. Modern appearance, practicality of each element, luxury in the absence of decor – all this is combined in a project implemented in Canada. Consider the advantages of a house in a cubic style according to the photo and highlight 5 of its main advantages:


Although the cubic style involves the use of simple forms to the elementary, it looks quite unusual and futuristic. Due to the monolithic construction technology, the facade turned out to be non-traditional – the overhanging upper floor, protruding rectangular elements.

The house in a cubic style looks like a building of the future and is practically devoid of the traditional features of suburban real estate. There is a flat roof, strict proportions are not observed, and it seems that the object is composed of separate cubes and parallelepipeds. It was possible to focus on cubism due to the different colors and textures of the finish.


Rectangularity of forms can be traced inside the house. The shape of the premises and functional areas, furniture involves straightforwardness, lack of decor and evenness of surfaces. Due to the rectangular division of space, the absence of rounded, curved lines, it turned out to use every square meter of the house in a cubic style with benefit.

To dilute the decor, and make it look like a designer, interior designers added a few elements with rounded shapes. Among them are lamps, chairs, decor on the walls. Flowers in flowerpots and pleasant pastel colors help to revive the composition.


House in a cubic style is the choice of lovers of rationality. Smooth surfaces, minimalism, built-in appliances are the components of this direction in design and architecture. All these tricks allow you to leave maximum space for useful use – housing turns out to be spacious, bright and open.

Rationality here concerns not only the internal area, but also the adjoining territory, terraces, porch, outdoor recreation areas. All are comfortable, spacious and open.


At first glance, the house in the cubic style makes it clear that it is a solid, stable structure that can withstand the forces of nature. At the same time, due to the simplicity of forms and the naturalness of the color palette, it harmoniously fits into the Canadian landscape.

Building is devoid of sail, implemented in such a way as to achieve a pleasant microclimate. Rectangular panoramic glazing provides a wide-angle view of the surrounding landscape from the windows. Due to the features of the monolithic construction technology in the building, it was possible to make a large glazing area from all sides. This guarantees high-quality natural insolation throughout the day and good species characteristics.


In the modern sense, wealth means simplicity, but high quality. These characteristics are combined in the design of the house in a cubic style. Every corner and every functional area looks expensive here. The object is positioned by an elite class and fully corresponds to it in terms of appearance and configuration.

Cubic style house is the embodiment of practicality, showiness, convenience in accordance with modern trends.

Architects Sturgess Architecture
PhotoRobert Lemermeyer

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Matchboxes arranged one on top of the other. A wonderful example of a private house in a cubic style. The maximum use of living space and panoramic windows – an original solution from the best architects!

Architects Avanto Architects
Area720.0 m2
Photo Arsi Ikäheimonen


The compact, minimalist cube reflects how the simplicity of form continues to gain momentum in contemporary architecture. At the same time, the configuration of the building is quite complex. The architectural bureau TOUCH Architect was able to realize this idea only through the use of monolithic construction technology.

It seems that the building is contrary to the laws of physics, and such decisions are considered extraordinary in the context of architecture.

Cube house concept / Corner windows and overhanging floors

For the rationality of using the site, the outer perimeter of the house along the foundation is made in the form of a square. But the architects wanted to get not just a box, but a functional space with terraces, spectacular glazing, comfortable areas for rest, work and life in general.

To achieve this, non-standard ideas in the form of an overhanging floor, panoramic corner glazing, a combination of monolithic, metal, glass structures helped. It seems that parts of the house are hanging in the air, but this is done not only for beauty, but primarily for functionality.

Cube houses architecture / Integration of landscape design into the house

Landscaping and improvement of the local area smoothly continued directly on the facade and building structures. This made it possible to harmoniously fit the compact cube house in the style of minimalism into a cozy natural environment, revive it, and not leave it as a cold stone block.

A compact terrace is made in front of the corner window of the house, right at the basement level. It was equipped to integrate the garden directly with the building. A living tree was planted right on this site. The impression is created that the object belongs to nature.

From the inside, this technique seems to integrate the garden into the interior – it seems that the tree on the terrace is a small atrium in the living room. The idea goes on and on. Large plants are planted in the house, creating living corners in the interior.

Cubical house / Priority constructivism

The compact cube-shaped house follows the trends of constructivism. Monolithic structures of strict geometry look fashionable, expensive and contrasting against the background of smooth natural lines. Despite the fact that the building fits into the environment, outwardly it was distinguished, having achieved an emphasis on the originality of architecture.

Looking at this compact minimalist cube house, one gets the impression that it is assembled from many separate modules according to the principle of a constructor into a single object. And the basis for this was a monolithic reinforced concrete frame.

ArchitectsTOUCH Architect
PhotoChalermwat Wongchompoo


The cubic shape of the house is one of the optimal forms of organizing the internal space. Due to straight lines and angles, maximum use of living space is achieved. This aesthetics of private homebuilding refers more to the minimalist style in design. But, due to different materials and textures, you can achieve unlimited variety in the design and decoration of the house.

The use of panoramic glazing is the brightest and easiest way to give the house an ultramodern look.

The combination of rough stone with smooth white plaster creates the necessary contrast of materials and textures. Color in this case plays an important role. The original form of the fence dilutes the straight lines of the house in a cubic style. Pay attention to the main staircase – the simplicity of form is more than offset by its considerable size and non-standard location.

Modern capabilities in design and construction make it easy to implement any ideas and wishes of customers. Simple cubes lying on top of each other form a unique and comfortable cube house – like in Tetris. The main thing is to find a common language with the architect.

Architects Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos
Photo Gonzalo Viramonte


In many European countries, municipalities in rural areas limit the number of storeys of buildings in order to preserve the charm and special flavor of rural life. This one-story cube house meets all the requirements of architectural restrictions and at the same time the standards of urban comfort.

Avant-garde trends in architecture were embodied in this project through cubist decisions. Clear geometric shapes naturally fit into the natural landscape, without disturbing, but favorably complementing the charm of the surrounding green spaces.

The cubic motifs of the one-story house are complemented by rectangular shapes of panoramic windows and smoothly flow into the geometric elements of the interior patio. Uncomplicated correct outlines of flower beds look like a continuation of a single architectural concept.

In a similar style with the entire construction complex, a path is maintained leading through a green lawn to a recreation area. The garden path is lined with rectangular concrete slabs in an asymmetric order, which gives it the unique rigor of the cubist design.

Summer area with an excellent view of the pool fenced elegant Mashrabov that are repeated in a pergola construction. Unobvious Arabian motifs combined with cubist ideas make the summer terrace comfortable and cozy, where a family dinner or reception will be held in a secluded setting. Decorative elements will provide the necessary shade on a hot sunny day.

Note: Mashrabiya is one of the traditional elements of Arabic architecture, which is a patterned or simple geometric forms of partitions, screens or lattices.

The predominance of light shades in the decoration materials of the facade of the cube-house and the surrounding area looks fresh and pure against the backdrop of the lush greenery of the garden.

Panoramic glazing visually blur the boundaries between the interior and the exterior. The white cubic style of the rooms is softened by an organic palette and the widespread use of wooden furniture.

Simple and modern furniture in natural tones. The combination of white surrounding space with natural wood and pastel shades of upholstery predetermines a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

Cubic themes are present in the strict geometric forms of white bookshelves. In contrast to the geometric design, irregularly shaped fixtures look original. Such a design decision looks like an asymmetric touch in the cubic realm.

Lighting a one-story cube house and a recreation area creates a unique atmosphere even on the darkest night. The pool in front of the house looks just as attractive and alluring both during the day and under the lights reflected on the water surface, emphasizing the pristine purity of the design of the house.

Architects Blatman Cohen architecture design
Photo Amit Geron, Yahav Trudler

Why is a modern cube house suitable for a new generation of families?

The principle of the beneficial use of each square meter of living space has become one of the trends in architecture and the basis of many current trends. A good example of how to make the most of space is the modern cubic house by Raulino Silva, built in 2020.

The building is in line with fashion trends. Severity, conciseness, functionality and ergonomics are traced in architecture. Mostly all these qualities are dictated by the chosen style – cubism. With the help of simple shapes and designs, a complex, self-sufficient space with a thoughtful configuration for a comfortable family living has been created here.

Modern cubic house as an example of rationality

Cubism is straightforwardness, flat designs and right angles. Due to this, it turned out to be useful in the house to use not only the internal space, but also the external one – on the roof of the first level, it turned out to equip a terrace, and outdoor recreation areas are adjacent to the house.

The modern cubic house is well located on a relatively small, long and narrow plot. At the same time, it turned out to be spacious and convenient in the context of configuration. The spaces are located so that the living rooms are hidden from the noise of the street, from the road, and their windows face south and west. The entrance is from the north.

The cubic design made it possible to strictly demarcate social areas on the lower floor with access to the pool and private spaces on the upper level.

Thoroughness of the forms of a modern cubic house

Cubism fully reflects the essence of modern trends in architecture. There is nothing superfluous here, it becomes possible to install panoramic windows to the entire wall and attach terraces to them.

The house looks like an assembled constructor. And each of its elements is dedicated to specific tasks – bedrooms, bathrooms, social spaces. All this looks technologically advanced and perfect.

A trendy modern cubic house combines the basic qualities that families pursue in their search for a comfortable life. You get smart and functional rooms here. The building looks austere, expensive and fashionable. There are no complex elements in the house, and each structure is functionally conditioned.

ArchitectsRaulino Silva
ImagesJoao Morgado