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ArtFacade » 111+ Beautiful One Story Houses ~ Choose your project from the best collection!

111+ Beautiful One Story Houses ~ Choose your project from the best collection!

Look at these Beautiful One Story Houses – projects and plans that will surely inspire you with the best ideas in building your own private house. Think about everyday life in your home while looking at these beautiful one-story houses. Imagine how much you can enjoy from the daily use of such a country house. Yes, the design of one-story houses presented below is more suitable for a warm climate – but 6-8 months in a year of enjoyment is not the same. Explore the possible roof options for one-story houses in our photo. You will be surprised what facades can be and how they can work with a terrace, an attic and a garage. Immerse yourself in these beautiful interiors of one-story houses. From our photo gallery, choose your style and type of material for one-story houses: from brick, concrete or wooden

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In pursuit of safety and comfort of housing, environmental friendliness has become almost the main quality of modern country houses. The simplicity and convenience created by nature have been actively integrated with construction. The architectural bureau Studio Raro presented a completely eco-friendly beautiful one-story house in the area of Vezzano (Italy).

The cottage corresponds to the trends of European housing construction and stylishly fits into the environment of the alpine meadow.

Beautiful single storey house designs – natural colors as the best design touch

The terrain in which the cottage is located is notable for its special splendor of landscapes. The task of the architects was to build a spacious, modern housing with minimal interference with the environment, maintaining harmony and not focusing on architecture. The photo of a beautiful one-story house shows how he subtly repeats the motive of the alpine skyline.

The gray, concrete structures on the facade and inside the house exactly repeat the palette and texture of the mountain peaks around. And brown facade elements made of wood complement the picture of the forest and green meadows. In combination with a blue sky, such a palette is one of the most pleasant and aesthetic.

Nature and a modern beautiful one-story house as one

A smooth transition from nature to architecture can be traced due to the stone path, which is closer to the house and is replaced by steps leading to the hill and the roof. A green living lawn was planted here as a roof.

A special emphasis on environmental friendliness in the design of a beautiful one-story house is emphasized by the decoration of the outdoor structures with a light larch tree. This natural material is used as a base and inside. The surfaces are finished with wood, and furniture is made of it.

Specialists managed to use modern architectural techniques, making them almost invisible in the natural environment, but not hiding. They remain accented, but it seems as if they were created in the valley by themselves – the effect of the absence of human intervention.

Best single storey home designs – landscape as part of a beautiful one-story house project

Due to the panorama of the floor, the interior space was not cut off from the impressive landscape outside the windows. Views permeate housing, becoming part of it. Artificial decor is not needed here, as the main decoration of the house is the panorama outside the window. The space is arranged and designed so that residents can enjoy the views while relaxing, working, spending time actively, playing sports, dinner or breakfast.

The beautiful one-story house from Studio Raro reflects how architects, using the most ordinary natural materials, create modern comfortable solutions without violating the natural context of the environment. They made the house spectacular and attractive, but it does not draw the main attention to itself – the emphasis remains on the landscapes around.

Architectsstudio raro

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Beautiful single floor house overlooking the reserve

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Beautiful single story homes – design of one of the best one-story houses inscribed in the landscape

Best single storey house design – beautiful single-storey house project of 100 sq m from the old garage

Beautiful 1 story homes – modern prefab example

Best 1 floor house design – beautiful facade and interior

Best single floor house designs – beautiful one-story brick houses

Beautiful one storey house designs – magnificent one-story wooden houses

Beautiful single storey houses from Japan

The best photo examples of one-story houses we will find, of course, in Japan! Beautiful one-story houses created by Japanese architects fully show us how to efficiently use the minimum area. Due to the lack of territory for many years, the projects of Japanese houses outside and inside maximally correspond to the compact placement of their housing. One-story houses in our photo gallery will confirm this statement.

The first wonderful one-story house with a red roof can be interesting for its semicircular bay window and a huge window in the living room. Calm beige tones of the color of the walls and facing stone will appeal to many owners of suburban real estate.

Unlike the previous photo – this one-story house attracts attention primarily with its bright colors. Contrast painting always creates a memorable impression.

A large veranda in the backyard of a one-story house – which can be more pleasant and comfortable than this. Especially when the wall facing the veranda is completely glazed.

Do not be afraid to use dark colors in the design of the facade of your one-story house. The classic contrast of black and white and a large take-out roof create the unique look of this private home.

If you want to have the most natural appearance of your one-story house – clad the facade with light wood. The combination of rough wood texture with graphical window and door frames will exactly match the modern design.

Beautiful private one-story houses – what is it for you:

  • Choose a general style that you like. It can be either Provence or minimalism.
  • The right selection of colors, from bright combinations to pastel shades
  • Choose the project and layout of a one-story house that will be comfortable in daily use
  • Whether or not to use such structurally complex elements as: skylights, simply non-standard windows, facade glazing, etc.
  • Do not forget about operating costs when choosing materials for the facade and interior of your one-story house

A beautiful, large roof extension will always give your one-story house a unique look. In addition, this is an extremely practical thing for spending time outdoors near the house.

Think about arranging a “second light” in the roof of your one-story house. Comfort and cost savings for lighting are provided to you.

The strength is in simplicity – a large single-pitched roof will simplify the construction of a one-story house as much as possible and will give you the opportunity for loft design in the interior.

Combine classic materials in the facade cladding of your one-story house. Wood and stone are a win-win.

Do not forget about the general picture of the appearance of the house. The transition of one finishing material from a bench to a wall and further to a roof lining is a vivid example of the right approach to design.

Bright color accents in the form of an entrance door and a handrail of a protection of a verandah in any case will transform appearance of your one-story house.

The simplest construction of a one-story house can be extremely beneficial in the layout of the interior and in the further operation of your suburban real estate.

Be sure to consider having a large veranda. 6-8 months a year of enjoying outdoor vacations and in comfortable conditions are worth it. The ideal option is the U shape of a one-story house as in this photo.

Small one-story houses can also have a classic look. A canopy over the entrance with columns, a stucco molding will create a nice-looking picture of your family hearth.

Do not be afraid to experiment with structures in the roof of a one-story house. Half-skylights, additional skylights will give a lot of opportunities in interior design.

What can be more beautiful and more pleasing to the eye than single-story brick houses. Especially if they are located on the site with the letter P. Again, narrow windows on the floor will give maximum additional light to the interior of your one-story house. Make sure that on your street there are only beautiful one-story houses!

Vertical inserts made of tiles and narrow, but high windows will visually increase the height of your one-story house, if this is of course a problem for you.

Super simple design can look great with the right exterior. Cladding with wood panels in combination with metal panels gave an excellent result.

A purely Japanese design with their second roof and skylights, certainly not for everybody. But such a design will give the owner of a one-story house a lot of additional bonuses when paying for light and heating.

Outside it is small, but inside there can be the most convenient and comfortable one-story house in this photo. Especially if you need a house for 2 people and you are tired of wandering between rooms 10 km a day.

By revetting the facade of your one-story house with brick or stone tiles, you will no doubt add wealth to the appearance and significantly reduce operating costs on the facade of your house.

At the same time, what can be more pleasant for everyday life than a one-story house made of timber. A living tree always breathes, an indescribable aroma in the interior and just a pleasant warm atmosphere – be sure to think about building your house from glued or profiled timber.

The use of contrasting colors and large windows are the main techniques for creating a beautiful one-story house for a private homeowner. Moreover, the overall design can be as simple as possible.

One of the fashion trends of today is the use of old containers in the construction of small one-story houses. This approach significantly reduces the cost and speeds up the construction. As a result, we are more and more pleased with beautiful one-story houses.

Japanese projects of one-story houses have always been distinguished by beautiful roofs. The example in this photo is no exception, especially in combination with the facade cladding with brick tiles.

A simple, but not trivial form – a simple technique to create your own beautiful one-story house with a garage, even on a tiny plot.

Be sure not to forget about the presence of an open veranda at your one-story house. She, no doubt, will delight you for many years.

Yes, having the right project for a one-story house, it can be on several levels. The main thing in this case is to carefully consider the location of the windows on the facade.

What could be better than a simple direct form of a one-story house for maximalists. And if pure and clear colors are still used in the design, this is a dream. Of course, it should have an appropriate area – from 100 to 150 sq.m., if we are talking about a family of 2 people.

The most pleasant and comfortable, in our opinion, location of a one-story house on the site is the letter P. A single, private space is created that combines the interior and exterior.

The U-shaped form of a one-story house, in our opinion, is the most comfortable solution for organizing your living space. There is enough space. You complement the interior with an educated courtyard. The arrangement of the garage is not a problem with this arrangement. Create a cozy and confidential place to relax or work. If you still place the pool – you get a dream, not a country house.

Be bolder – build your one-story high-tech house. And please, bring this idea to the end, and not as usual – “high so.” We are sure that the neighbors will be delighted and will build their beautiful one-story houses.

The use of contrasting colors in the decoration of the facade is a win-win option for creating your own beautiful one-story house. Whether it is wood, tile or stone – create your own, unique combination of materials and colors.

A flat roof is not the cheapest option for a one-story house. But, if you are a supporter of minimalism – such a roof and the largest windows are your choice.

A competent project of a one-story house implies the presence of a garage, if necessary for 2 cars. A detached garage is not the best solution when building your own private house, when you want to fit into the surrounding beautiful one-story houses.

And in the end, another example of our favorite layout of a one-story house is the letter G. Think about creating your own private, enclosed space for a comfortable stay all year round.

Fully open on 2 sides best 1 story house designs