Siding Contractor in Norfolk County

During the pandemic my wife and I decided to purchase a home outside of Cambridge. We wanted to be a little freer with our lockdown, getting walks in and more space to roam. We bought an older home on a small parcel of land in Vittoria, Ontario in Norfolk County, near the town of Simcoe. 

The home needed some refreshing and renovations, we were excited to do a fixer upper while stuck in lockdown. Interior renovation we can do, but for exterior renovations we had to find a company to help. Luckily, we found a local business that covered all our homes exterior needs

Free Home Exterior Quote

If you’ve ever done an exterior renovation on your home such as siding or eavestroughs, you probably did a search for reputable businesses. There are too many out there to know for sure which one to use. My wife did some reading online and chose a company that has great google reviews. After that came the list of wants

Wife’s Contractor Standards

  • Great google reviews
  • Must have certified technicians/contractors
  • A variety of options for exterior finishes
  • Free quotes
  • Gallery of previous projects for inspiration and technique quality snooping

This company checked all her boxes and more. When they came for the free consultation, we received a large amount of advice regarding our style and overall curb appeal vibe.

It was interesting the different amount of siding colour and textures there are out there now. Of course, my wife was over the moon about all the different decisions she was going to make. And just maybe… Pretend I was part of the decision making.

The quote included us using top tier products and finishes. We asked to roll the number to the highest we could make it so that we knew we could cut where we needed to for our budget.

Once we received that number, it was a go! 

Choosing Our New Exterior Design

Having a company for multiple exterior projects in our little Norfolk County home made our portion of the renovations breezy. The company has partnerships with companies in specific specialties and suppliers, that meant we were able to make appointments and arrange deliveries through them.

For our exterior renovations we decided to renovate –

Exterior Renovation Services

  • Composite Siding
  • Soffit and Fascia
  • Gutters and Downpipes
  • Windows
  • Doors

We decided the vibe we wanted our exterior to be when consulting with the contractor that came to our house, this made our choices slimmer for each area we were renovating. Which we loved, and so did the suppliers and companies.


Windows were the easiest for us to choose. We knew we wanted slim black windows for a more modern exterior, but not too trendy that we would regret our decision in a few years. We opted for a mild reflector on the outside with a light tinting. At first, we were just going to go with basic white and hope for a reasonable price tag. Turns out that customizing windows wasn’t that much more money.


Living in Southern Ontario brings on some extreme weather changes. Currently we have an old wooden door, our guess is the original door the house was built with. It doesn’t seal well and has warped. My wife fell in love with the wood door upon our first visit.

During our visit to the store, we found out that this company makes steel doors that look like wood! I kid you not! We showed the employee a photo of our current door and we were given many options we could choose from. Luckily a couple were in our budget! Wood look, black trim window with oil rubbed bronze hardware to cap off a timeless modern vibe. 

Gutters, Downpipes, Soffit and Fascia

Currently our older home has some odd wood slats and cedar planks along the fascia. The gutters, downpipes and soffit all needed to be redone. This was the portion of the exterior renovation where I was super excited. The thought of our house being free of water and mold build up gave me a bit better sleep at night. I was constantly grimacing at the improperly attached gutters and fascia daily.

While we were deciding on our colours for this, we tried to match the window trim of the windows. This company was tremendous with working with the other company to match things up. Again, that was the perk of hiring D.M.D. Exteriors from Norfolk County to do the whole exterior renovation project. Soft matte black for the win!


The final and most difficult exterior design decision was the siding. During our appointment we had a virtual image of our home to play around with what different siding would look like. We chose composite as the material for durability in our area. With the farmers’ fields around and weather variability, we were sure this was right.

My wife wanted a more natural “nude” type shade for the exterior renovation. I on the other hand, loving the greys… This made for a lengthy battle of the neutrals.  Like all battles, she won. 

Exterior Home Renovation Complete

After only a couple months of waiting, all our products and customized windows were in. The exterior renovation employee kept us up to date with what was arriving and what was still on the wait list. We appreciated the constant communication throughout the whole process. He also kept tabs and communication with the partnership/suppliers for us.

Once all the exterior renovations were installed and finalized our contractor came by and inspected all the jobs that were done. Finalizing with exterior caulking to anything that needed to be sealed. The professionalism goes beyond words.

Each company that came and did their portion of the exterior renovation cleaned up their messes and kept the job site in top condition. Very respectful to us and the other crews they were entangled with on certain days. Highly recommend this company!

After we finished the exterior of the house, we had family and friends over to see the amazing new exterior. They were blown away with our renovation and inspired to update their homes.

Company Information

D.M.D. Exteriors
1552 Norfolk County Hwy 24 E, Vittoria, ON N0E 1W0
(226) 808-7553