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7 Architectural Innovative Technologies All Architect Need to Know

Top 7 Architectural Technologies to Know

Technological progress has made a great impact on most areas of our life. Architecture is not an exception. Thanks to different technologies, architects got a chance to ease their work and make it more quality.  AutoCAD (that is a specialized app for architects) is not a single innovation that has been effectively implemented worldwide. In fact, there are many good innovative ideas that have already become a part of modern architecture. So, what are the technologies every architect needs to know?

Some technologies slowly cease to be innovative and become must-have ones. These 7 architectural technologies are the first ones to mention in this course:

1. 7D

Most readers may be aware of 3D models. 7D is something different and extraordinary but still already real in architecture. The 7D model covers and effectively integrates all the aspects of previous models. These are the dimensions of a building, energy performance, costs, lifespan, facility management, etc. Applying this model makes innovative buildings possible and comparatively easy to create.

2. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is very perspective and is widely used in modern architecture. The technology enables professionals to create new models and see how they will appear in a 3D mode. Some informational resources about virtual reality are really exclusive.

If some resources about virtual reality are blocked, use a website unblocker to get the access you need. Virtual reality is worth that. It is like playing games – all you need is software, data about a future building, and a headset. 

3. Augmented reality

If virtual reality creates new models, augmented reality adds new layers to the existing surfaces. This is extremely useful to find out how a certain building will be integrated into existing landscapes.

4. Generative design

This approach uses life models that appear in wild nature. Its algorithms produce a number of design variations. The approach opens an opportunity to solve some architectural problems in a more creative and organic way.  An architect needs to set the parameters only and get a fully functioning architecture form in return.

5. Touchable holograms

This is a TOP architectural innovation that opens not only the opportunity to see a project model but also to feel it like a real one. This technology allows one to choose texture, fabrics, and many other parameters of a building to see how it likely will appear in the future.

6. Architecture robots

Using robots is not a new tendency. In fact, they were applied in many spheres already. But, in construction, robots can be used to replace humans, make construction works safer, and decrease construction costs substantially. Robots become lighter, smarter, and start to be equipped with Artificial Intelligence. This innovation adds convenience to the day-to-day lives of architects and constructors. 

7. Drones

What things can access the quality of the building better? These flying devices don’t need human pilots and they can remotely access all the buildings. Drones can be equipped with electronic sensors, GPS, hardware electronics, onboard computers, auto-pilots, stabilizers, and many other appliances. 

Drones are nearly irreplaceable to make aerial photography and video capture to get up-to-date information about the construction progress. Thanks to their small sizes, drones can easily access even very difficult places to reach. The information obtained from drones can be extremely helpful to make more accurate models.

One Extra Technology Architects Should Know About

The work of architects is mostly prepared online nowadays. Professionals use for that purpose the Internet or different apps most of which need online access. Digitalization is obviously a huge plus to progress. Still, there are some minor cyber threats on the other side of the coin, like malware, spyware, and hackers.

Luckily, there is a solution that can prevent all major cyber risks and make the work of any architect more comfortable. VPN can easily hide your real IP address that identifies your device by changing this address to another one you choose independently. In this way, VeePN makes your device hidden from hackers. The right choice of VPN servers may also easily unblock some content the access to which has been restricted. For instance, there is much good information about modern architectural technologies in Sweden. If this content is not available to you, simply use VPN Sweden to get the desired information. This tool exists as a VPN extension or a separate app.  This is an effective online unblocker and security guard.

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Final Words

Modern technologies benefit architecture a lot. Virtual and augmented reality, generative design, touchable holograms, drones, robots, and many other technologies bring to reality things that were unreal before. If some content about these features is blocked for some reason for you, don’t become disappointed and use an online unblocker for that purpose. A VPN extension or app can provide you with the exact access you need and make your ideas and working environment to be in 100% safety.

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