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3 Floor House Elevation Designs

Three-story house, the facade of which is decorated in a boring and unattractive form, can be lost among the one-story buildings. Such a monumental and spacious building should be decorated in an appropriate style, which will emphasize the taste of the owner and the status of the real estate itself.

3 storey building front elevation

Work on the lining of the house must meet the following parameters: quality, relevance, individuality, reliability and cost.

The three-storey house means on the last floor the arrangement of a residential attic, where there can be a bedroom, an office, a dressing room and in the last resort a pantry. 3 storey house with an attic, the facade of which is made of breathable materials, is considered more reliable and practical for users. The presence of a ventilated facade guarantees:

  • Optimum protection of walls from cold penetration.
  • Protection against moisture accumulation and condensate drainage.
  • Sound insulation.

3 storey modern house design

As a ventilated facade can act any panel such as siding, metal, plastic sheets. With the help of these materials, a gap is formed between the wall, which improves the microclimate in the room. The design of the facade of a three-storey apartment building requires the presence of a heater on the surface of the walls. A universal insulation is foam, which has excellent technical characteristics. This material is economical, universal, reliable, eco-friendly. It can be treated with any kind of plaster, painted in any color and attached to the texture.

3 story house design

Since the three-storey building has considerable wall areas, it is therefore important to choose an attractive and at the same time accessible material. Projects of facades of 3-storeyed cottages can include the following facing materials:

  • Natural and artificial stone.

three story house design

Three storey modern house designs

This is the most expensive material that is used for complete wall cladding. Usually natural stone is installed in some areas to give the exterior aesthetics. Artificial stone will be more affordable about the price and not less durable.

  • Porcelain tiles.

This lining material can be mounted on any surface. Ceramic granite is ecologically clean, more practical than natural stone. The texture and color of the material can be different, imitating the quality of natural stone, wood.

  • Panels of composite materials.

3 floor building design

3 storey house design with rooftop

The structure of the panels is multilayered. With the help of aluminum panels are fastened panels, which have a cellular structure. The material is resistant to moisture, temperature changes. Designers recommend using color spraying to decorate panels.

Projects of facades of 3 storeyed apartment buildings – freedom for creativity. We suggest that you get acquainted with the photo selection and the ideas of the facade on our website.


Speaking as an architectural justification for choosing a multi-story private building, it should be noted that a private 3-story house can be divided into several types. It can be a building with full floors, with a basement level or a two-story cottage with an attic. Each of the project options is distinguished by the principles of organization of internal premises, functionality, level of comfort and construction costs.

advantages of construction of a private 3-storey house

Most of the people who determine the project for future housing want an individual building architecture. This is more a psychological moment in order to show self-expression and to be different from others. Like any type of private structure, a 3-storey house has its advantages:

  1. Land saving – thanks to the rational distribution of floors, you can build a spacious, free cottage on a limited plot.
  2. Savings on interfloor insulation – in a multi-level house, warm air will always rise up, which will allow you to keep warm on the top floor.
  3. Ample opportunities for styling an architectural project – a private 3-storey building can use various designs, columns, terraces, which significantly affects the beauty of the exterior.
  4. Functionality – a large area of ​​the internal space allows you to place many guests, relatives in the house or to be designed for several generations.

three floor house design

Of course, you need to be prepared for the significant cost of laying a reinforced foundation and the cost of decorating rooms. But even with this minus, the cost of building a multi-story cottage will be lower than a large one-story cottage.

3 floor home design

Among all the advantages highlighted, I want to pay initial attention to the variety of exterior options. Architects simply amaze future residents with non-standard projects in which each square meter has a logical completeness.

3 storey building plan

A striking example of the outstanding projects is a private 3-storey house from ASWA architects. The country cottage is located among the mountains of the northern province of Thailand, where inimitable horizons open. The residential building can be described as a sculptural masterpiece, the shape of which is impossible not to remember.

modern three story house

Concrete boxes have the same dimensions of 6.6×6.6 meters with a height of 3.45 m. Each of the residential areas is folded as a designer and shifted on top of each other. The protruding parts emphasize the facade cladding with artificial wood. The lightness of the body is given by the gypsum-cement finish on the first floor, which more closely resembles the basement level.

three storied building design

Blocks have functional areas for living and recreation. The first floor is for the living room and pantry, the second for the study, and on the third there is a bedroom with impeccable panoramic glazing. For the convenience of moving between floors, wooden stairs are provided that do not limit the area of the premises.

modern 3 floor house design

A feature of this project is the presence of an overlapping part of the ground floor. On this square, architects decided to create a Thai paradise and built a compact terrace with a jacuzzi. Due to the rationality of using the available space, the cottage becomes comfortable, convenient, with various functional rooms. At first glance, the residential area of 6.6×6.6 meters may seem limited, but the competent location of each element and room will neutralize this factor.

triple storey houses

In addition, a private 3-storey house fully meets the need for electricity through the installation of solar panels.

house 3 floor

Advice! For large houses with several floors, it is imperative to use alternative energy sources, efficient heating systems. This will reduce the cost of utilities needed to service a large living space.

three storey building design

Architects ASWA
Photo Skyground