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Ultralight Barnhouse Style House Front Glass Design

Enjoy the extraordinary weightlessness and openness of this house front glass design, which is decorated with modern influences. The villa demonstrates the desire of the owners to interact with everything that surrounds them. Glass constructions fit close to the roof, ensuring perfect contact between the housing and the landscape.

The seemingly fragile glass villa looks expensive, sophisticated, and aesthetically perfect. At the same time, the shape and configuration of the building correspond to the principles of the Barnhouse style. The high gable ceilings and open space are reminiscent of a barn house. The adjacent annex is not so open. In this part of the building, private rooms are designed, including bedrooms, an office, and other spaces that require privacy.

The unusual shape of pavilions in the house front glass design

The pointed structures are built so that the landscape is as close as possible to the living space and seems to penetrate inside, destroying the traditional volumes. This creates the effect of the presence of picturesque nature right in the house. The veiled pockets seem to tear apart the structure of the building.

Opening panoramic windows on the facade allow you to let in not only light but also air, to combine housing with the local area. At the same time, the living space is clearly distinguished by warm, homely light. This does not allow the interior to merge with the outside world. In this house front glass design in the style of a Barnhouse, the enclosing structures are so lightened that, with the same lighting inside and outside, the boundaries are simply erased. The building looks like a glazed terrace in the middle of a garden.

The asymmetrical design is in line with the latest design trends and is the opposite of the classics. At the same time, natural, traditional materials are involved in the cladding, which guarantees comfort, coziness, and familiarization with the natural landscape behind the glass.

Transformation of the house front glass design

The project traces the modernization of the Barnhouse style in a modern manner. The house has an appropriate structure, shape, and configuration. The internal surfaces are lined with materials familiar to the barn. But outwardly it is already something different, new, lighter, dynamic, bright. Gloomy walls have been replaced by seemingly weightless floor-to-ceiling glass panels. The villa does not have the massiveness that is typical for a classic agricultural building.

This transformation in the design of the Barnhouse-style glass-fronted house demonstrates the progressiveness and dynamics of a new generation of architecture. No more hiding behind walls. On the contrary, I want to make housing as close as possible to the picturesque landscape, so as not to be limited only to what is inside the building.

ArchitectsAshley Halliday
ImagesAnthony Basheer