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How to Build a Summer House From 2 Containers

Transport containers are widely used in the suburban construction of inexpensive, but stylish and practical modern country houses. Architects offer different ways of combining metal structures into a single object – they are installed on top of each other, connected horizontally. Consider a country house of 2 containers with a slightly unusual way of organizing space.

2 separate buildings complement each other.

2 container houses – two buildings with a common adjoining sitting area

Two containers located opposite each other are connected into a single object due to a common canopy. Under the canopy between the buildings, there is a multifunctional space for relaxation, work, sports, games with children, and family gatherings.

Due to this configuration, a country house of 2 containers is not just a summer residence, but a universal space, closely integrated with the surrounding nature.

2 container home – the effect of expanding space due to large windows

One of the main and most effective techniques for arranging this country house of 2 containers was the use of large panoramic windows. Due to the glazing on the floor, the space inside has become visually wider, freer, and brighter. Architects managed to get rid of the effect of a closed box.

Containers have evolved into an ergonomic living space, closely integrated with wildlife. Due to the location of the buildings, one opposite the second, confidentiality of rooms with panoramic windows is achieved. The buildings of the building block each other from looking outside.

environmental friendliness

To achieve the comfort and coziness of a house of 2 containers, the interior was finished with natural wood. Being indoors, it cannot be said that it is a metal structure. The walls, ceilings, and floors here are the same as a traditional country house made of stone, brick, or wood.

Architects and designers did not begin to make the situation urbanized or industrial but created a living space as close to nature as possible from natural, non-toxic and safe materials. Although the exterior of the house resembles industrial metal structures, inside it is fully adapted for a comfortable life.

2 container home plans – a smooth transition from housing to nature

Equipping a country house from sea containers, try to make a smooth transition from the living space to the environment. So metal structures will harmoniously fit into the natural environment. In the presented project, the houses are decorated with wood, metal structures are painted in natural neutral colors. Between the dwelling and the environment, there is a space under a canopy with wooden furniture.

To build a modern country house of 2 containers, and to integrate it as much as possible into the natural environment, it is worth getting rid of the industrial effect in the setting, combine the internal space with the environment and create an intermediate recreation area. The practicality of these ideas is proved by the presented project of a country house.

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